Food for Thought

A few of the simple and thought provoking proverbs that we hear everyday, but pay little heed to.......
There are so many words and phrases,
That we keep hearing everyday;
Words and sayings of famous people,
That should help us to never go astray.

'Ask and you shall receive',
Is one we should take to heart;
So simple yet effective,
When it plays its graceful part.

'Beauty will save the world',
Is another famous poets cry;
He was much before our time,
But we should give that a try.

'Everyone is wise till he speaks',
Is an important one indeed;
Think twice before you talk,
Life's most important lesson to heed.

'Blind belief is dangerous it is said',
And with that I agree 100%;
Don't run in haste with the flow,
Use your mind for what it is meant.

'Better be quarreling than lonesome',
an Irish proverb wise and old;
Something we need to use more often,
Instead of ending up alone and cold.

'Actions speaks louder than words',
Is the most common one to heed;
Most people just talk and preach,
When with actions they need to lead.

'Knowledge is better than riches',
I think this one is from Cameroon,
The wise know the value of the penny,
And with wealth do not faint nor swoon.

'Birds of a feather flock together',
Beware for this is very true;
Choose your company with care,
And be careful in everything you do.

'Don't halt before you are lame',
Is a proverb from the land of Wales;
Keep trying like the fabled spider,
So you can tell many success tales.

'All's well that ends well',
The last one for this fine day;
For though there are sayings aplenty,
We ought to practice whatever we say!
By Edward K.
Published: 6/3/2009
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