Foods that Trigger Fat Burning Hormones

Nuts, seafood, sesame and pumpkin seeds and of course, vitamin C rich fruits are some of the foods that trigger fat burning hormones.
A natural way to get rid of excess weight is to stimulate fat burning hormones. As we all know, hormones are chemicals released by various glands that regulate functions of body cells. Some of these hormones perform an important function of burning fat and so, triggering the production of these hormones can go a long way in eliminating excess fat and maintaining healthy weight. In order to raise the concentration of these hormones in the body and to improve their efficiency to burn more fat, allowing the right food in the diet is extremely important. There are foods that promote proper functioning of the glands, so that the production of hormones never dips.

Fat Burning Hormones

When we talk about hormones that help to decrease body fat, the first thing that comes to our mind is testosterone. It is predominantly found in males that ensures proper growth of male sexual characteristics. However, it is also present in small amounts in women. Other fat burning hormones that play a critical role to fire up fat loss are human growth hormone (HGH) and thyroxine. The pituitary gland and the thyroid gland produce HGH and thyroxine hormone respectively. All these hormones help to raise metabolic rate, a crucial factor that influences our ability to burn fat. As the metabolic rate increases, so does the fat burning ability of the body.

Foods that Stimulate Fat Burning Hormones

As aforementioned, reactivating fat burning hormones is the key to shed extra pounds naturally. This is easily achievable by simply modifying the diet, which means a large portion of your meals should consists of foods that stimulates production of fat burning hormones in the body. Following is brief information on foods stuff that help you to 'activate your fat burning hormones':

Nuts are a great source of amino acids (molecules that form proteins). It is known fact that amino acids stimulate secretion of HGH hormone. Hence, moderate consumption of nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds can boost HGH production, thereby contributing in reducing body fat.

Oily fish is found to be high in omega 3 essential fatty acids that assist to increase the production of leptin hormone. With increase in production of leptin, metabolism speeds up and the desire to eat food also decreases. Therefore, eating oily fish like wild salmon in moderate amounts can improve leptin levels, thereby allowing the body to lose more fat.

Vitamin C Rich Fruits
Studies have shown that eating fruits high in vitamin C can also be instrumental in re-igniting the fat burning furnace of our body. Fruits like limes, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and lemon are found to display fat burning properties. Therefore their inclusion in the diet would definitely be useful in losing body fat.

Foods Rich in Fiber
Did you know that every gram of fiber consumed prevents your body from converting 6-7 calories into fat. So, in order to keep fat burning hormone levels from dipping, having fiber rich foods everyday is highly recommended. The percentage of fiber is found to be extremely high in fruits like apples and vegetables such as beans and lentils. So, one can have white beans, kidney beans and even lima beans to increase fiber intake. Other vegetables considered to be fat burning foods and considered to be good sources of fiber are vegetables like cabbage, carrots, broccoli, winter squash, asparagus and cauliflower.

Foods High in Vitamin B
Vitamin B foods are also known to accelerate metabolic rate and reduce fat stores in our body. Vitamin B stimulate the body to release more fat burning hormones. Research has proved that presence of vitamin B6 in adequate amounts is a must for the production of HGH hormone. Although there are various natural sources of vitamin B, the notable ones are fruits, especially berries that include strawberries, blueberries and cherries.

It is observed that junk foods like pasta, white bread, pizza and bakery products (cakes, pastries) can reduce the efficiency of these hormones to burn more fat. These popular food items are high in carbohydrates, which decrease secretion of fat burning hormones. Also, for best results, complement your diet of fat burning trigger food with an exercise routine. Weight training exercises are often advised and can go a long way in enhancing the effects of fat burning hormones.
By Nicks J
Published: 5/4/2011
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