For A Little While

Love can be claustrophobic.
Give me room to breathe,
Give me space to think,
I feel I'm suffocating,
I feel I'm on the brink.
I look down to the water,
It's calling me to leap,
The fine art of drowning,
Seems appealing to me.
I wish that I could fade away,
Disappear in smoke,
Hightail it out of here
Just to be alone...
For a little while.

I know you say you love me,
And I believe it to be true,
And nothing will compromise
The love I feel for you.
But sometimes you disturb me,
You make me feel hemmed in
A claustrophobic nightmare,
Hanging on a limb.
I feel I'm playing with dynamite,
Ready to explode.
I need some time to clear my mind,
Time to be alone...
For a little while.

I never want to lose you,
Nor to say goodbye,
So if it seems I'm distant
With a blank stare in my eyes,
It's not because I'm leaving
To find somebody else,
That would only break my heart
And desecrate my soul.
That's a pain I could not bear,
To face life on my own.
But sometimes I still need space
Just to be alone...
For a little while.
Published: 7/16/2011
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