For Benonia: On The Occasion Of Her Mother's Death

Am here to comfort you....
It is sad
To lose someone you truly love
It's equally hard
When thinking about them drives you mad

You go through so much pain
And you think life's in vain
But in the main
God sees you through
And fills the vacuum
They have left

As your think of her death
Think about the depth
Of god's love for you and for her

By now she is resting in his bosom
Praying that your joy blossoms
Each time you remember
How sweet she was to everybody

Do not repress your sorrow
Lest it becomes an arrow
That shall pierce your bone and marrow

So cry if you have to
In order to shed you sadness
And when you are done
Let your tears heal you
And make you strong , too

Take heart my dear, be strong
Believe she's only sleeping awhile
Hope that when you meet her again
You will give her a warm hug and a pretty smile
Published: 12/9/2010
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