For Me

I wrote this when I was having a rough day. Just a point I'd like to make.
Everyday here is too damn long,
I miss my old life, living a song,
But the past is the past,
That doesn't change,
So now I look to the future.

I want to be with my girl again,
I hate the world we live in today,
Songs blast from my phone,
As I sit in a lonely backyard,
Smoke fills my longs as I write these words.

Everyday I'm nagged and berated,
By those who gave me life,
They may have given it, and feel it's ill received,
And maybe they're right,
I didn't ask to be here, and I'm not living for them,
This life is mine,
I'm living it for me.

My writings are criticized,
Everything I do is rated,
The words are mine,
I write what I believe.
I hope others like them,
But I'm writing them for me.

I've been cheated,
I've been lied to,
I've been hated, scorned, and jaded,
I've been judged,
I've been used,
I've been loved, blessed, abused,
But I don't do anything for you.

They say live every day like it's your last,
But then that becomes your everyday,
I'll live the only way I know,
I'll live every day for me.
Published: 5/30/2012
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