For my Father

Fathers' day celebration.
When God created him from clay,
He called him ‘man’ that day,
And breathed in him the breath of life,
And created from him a 'woman' for wife.

He grew older and his name changed;
Becoming ‘Father’, his duty changed;
He has now not just his wife,
But also now his children for life.

Some say fathers are impeccable,
Some others say fathers are credible,
I believe my father is far more and above,
Cos he believes in God and exhibits His love.

My father is not of the world,
He is rather grounded in God’s word,
He teaches me to flee from the jollies of the world,
He teaches me to embrace the glory of God’s word.

My father is God’s representative on earth;
He creates in me the picture of the God-head.
My father is a father to me even in dearth;
He is to me a spring of sheltering shed.

God’s grace shall continually be his shield,
The abiding word of God, his spirit shall build,
God’s enduring mercies shall strengthen his ways,
Until in the skies he counts his eternal days.
Published: 6/20/2016
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