For the Anxious and Shy!

Someone told me to make a story about this, except I never got round to doing it. I felt so guilty, so I decided to write an inspiring (Hopefully!) poem for them.
Walking into the classroom,
Everyone stares your way,
You don't know what to do,
You wonder what to say.

The mean girls are talking,
You know they're talking about you,
You want to slap them, hit them,
But you don't know how to!

You sit next to your friend,
The only person you can trust,
But sometimes even then,
You can't tell them certain stuffs.

You go to your other lessons,
Unfortunately, without your friend,
The teacher says, "Get into partners,"
There's no one to work with, so you pretend.

Pretend everything is okay,
Though you know you're not kidding anyone,
You're simply on for display!

Everyone laughs at you,
You have so much enemies,
Who must you turn to?
To hear your calls,
Loud and clear,
I'm here to listen - no fear!

You said something wrong,
It didn't mean to come out that way!
But nobody's listening, they're laughing,
Now how can you live your days?

Through all the shame,
The constant pain,
The threats and laughter,
All stirred together!

Here's an advice;

Don't worry if you make a simple mistake,
You did something wrong, only you would notice that!
People would point and laugh. Okay, so what?
They'll eventually forget about it, promise!

You can't keep frowning,
Over the little things you do,
It's only you who'll be stressing,
At every little move you make.

'Cos you know why?
The world doesn't revolve around you,
It's only time you notice that!
People are too worried,
Worrying about themselves,
To even think another second about you.

No one's perfect, but we're all human,
If you embarrass yourself, laugh it off!
People like someone with good humor,
It'll only make you seem much tough.

You'll be getting stronger,
Just pick yourself from the fall,
It's time to get your thoughts across,
Overcome your shyness once and for all!

You don't have to listen to me,
I'm a human with flaws too,
But if you do listen to Magic Monkey,
You'll be able to get through!

Starting with... Love yourself!
If you can't love yourself, how can anyone else?
Name all your talents,
The things you're good at,
Don't think about what you're not,
'Cos of all the gifts you got,
They're unique and completely you!

So what if your friend is good at sports?
So what if she's amazing at Art?
So what if she's great at Maths?
Don't take it to heart...

Chances are others will be jealous of you too,
It's just time you showed them what!
You only get a chance to live once...
Don't be a sheep and follow the crowd.

Be yourself! Don't be afraid!
Of all the moves you make!
'Cos no one would even notice,
And that, my friends, is a promise!

(Well, all apart from the person that has a crush on you,
Then they'll probably notice what you do,
But even then, they won't think that much,
Unless, they're a really gross bunch!)
Published: 6/14/2012
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