For The One I Love, Cesar

I was feeling good today and very thankful for my man in my life.
I remember when you said, "I love you"
You were looking into my eyes sweetly
Holding me, your arms a shied from heartache

Been a long time, since I felt like that
Happy and overjoyed being yours
Wanting no one other than you baby

Loving your sweet kisses and warm embrace
Melting when I see your warm chocolate eyes
My heart skipping beats when I see your smile

I love you, love you more than you could guess
Care for you more than my own life itself
Want you more than I want anything else

My life has found its lost missing piece,
You are my life, my love, my other half
Without you I'm nothing, lost again

Knowing you love me as I love you
Seeing your secret special smile that I get
Feeling your hand in mine, I treasure these

Baby, Love, babe, hun, sweety I love you!
Published: 10/4/2011
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