For You my Dear

Love & death.
You think after all these years that my death would mean something to you
For me, so I didn't die in vain
For that I didn't die for nothing
Was my blood on your hands just a bad dream

Do you wish to forget
Was our first kiss beneath the snow sky just a dream
Can you see me as I lay still beneath deaths grip
You never believed in fairy tales as I did
You failed to believe that love could cure all your pains

My life for your love
My blood seeping into the ground to set you free
After all these years I gave up for you, all the memories I gave away
I gave you everything that I had
And yet you still wish to forget me
Was my death not good for you

Did I die wrong?
Somehow in death I displeased you, yet in life I displeased you
Was this all a dream, did I truly not exist
Will you wake up and forget me
But you see I am truly never gone
Walk anywhere, where the snow is failing and for you it shall turn red
All your reflections will show me

I am forever yours
My blood seeped into your bones
I died for you that day, but I never left you
Be well my love, for me
Until we meet again................
Published: 8/21/2010
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