For You

Cutting.. Sadness..
Today I felt so alone
No one around to call my own
I weep I plead I cry I bleed
All I want is someone to love
Someone to hold me
Someone to trust

But it's okay I'm used to the feeling
The life I hold I can feel it ending
I cut all night and just can't sleep
That last cut comes down way to deep
The scarlet blood trickles down and hits the floor
It keeps coming more and more

This time I failed once again
I lost my hope I lost my plan
My plan to leave this hatred place
This dream of mine I've always chased
I really don't want to end life this way
But I'm tired of being the outcast everyday

The bullies the preps even families and friends they don't care about me
They care about themselves can't you see?
My knife is all I have
And all that I need
All I ask, my final words, never forget, I did it for you..
Published: 2/12/2010
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