Forbidden Desire

Lust love desire.
It hurts just to watch him
Hurts so very much just to talk to him and hold my hands still
I so desperately want to touch him, to feel his skin against mine
To hold his hand in mine

To be able to do things I only dream about
This lust this desire burns me in more than one way
Desperate for his touch I just close my eyes
But when I open my eyes he is gone

My pulse beats faster and faster when he walks towards
With that smile that sends flutters into my belly
My body trembles at his mere touch
My breath comes into pants

Sinful desire forbidden lust I no longer can ignore
This craving is so strong I can no longer resist
I am falling underneath your spell
Your pulse beats underneath mine

And my skin flushes
I climb higher and high with my passion at its highest
I crash falling down so hard I think I’m going to die
But as soon as I hit the ground
I’m forced to open my eyes and I soon realize I am alone you never were here
You never were mine, and this was all a dream.
Published: 12/18/2009
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