Forearm Tattoos for Men

Forearm is one of the best places to get a tattoo inked as sporting forearm tattoos gives a feeling of being a rock star. Forearm tattoos for men are hugely popular and if you are considering to get etched with a design, here's an article worth reading!
What's common between Chester Bennington, David Beckham and Eminem? As predictable as it sounds, they all flaunt some superbly etched forearm tattoos. Forearm tattoos have been inked on men and women as well, since ages. The courage of getting etched on your forearm shows a deep commitment of the tattoo wearer towards his forearm tattoo. If you are a connoisseur of tattoos and body art, forearm tattoos would be a lovely addition to your collection. Forearm tattoos for men, can be placed on your upper or inner part of the forearm as this location is one of the most perfect places on human body to perform any kind of body art. If you already sport a large piece of tattoo art on your arm, adding forearm tattoos would make it look complete and wholesome which is when it becomes a sleeve tattoo.

Sometimes people get a little conscious about getting inked on their forearms as this is one place which is visible always, and if you are a professional, it might not look very suitable at your workplace. Here's an idea - consider trying glow in the dark tattoos on your forearms. These tattoos are visible only under ultra violet light which means, at work you are a professional, with no kind of tattoos and body art, and at night while you are clubbing out, you are the party heartthrob! Let us check out some cool designs for forearm tattoos for men.

Forearm Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Men

Japanese Designs
Many Japanese designs are popularly known for the meaningful tattoo designs they make. Usually the Japanese forearm tattoo designs are large in size, so if you are a first timer, and considering Japanese forearm tattoos for men, you must be prepared and be sure of what kind of design you really want for your forearms. Japanese mythology is rich when it comes to tattoo symbols and designs. One of the most popular forearm tattoos for men is the dragon tattoo. Dragon tattoo designs are symbols of protection, security and spiritual power. Japanese dragon tattoos give a rugged, robust masculine look when inked on men's forearms and filling those designs with colors like orange, yellow and red will do the trick!

Another lovely tattoo design that hails from Japan, is the koi tattoo design. Koi fish makes a large and an intricately beautiful design for forearm tattoos for men. Koi fish designs for forearm tattoos should be preferably placed on the underside of your forearm. There are many stories of koi (carp) fish in the Japanese mythology and in Buddhism. It is believed that koi fish is a symbol that reminds us of the courage and the strength of the koi fish that she shows while fighting all the odds of life. If you are considering this design for forearm tattoos for men, here's an idea - ask your tattoo artist to personalize this design for you. A cute idea could be adding tree vines, a small water fall, or an ocean wave to make it look different.

Religious Designs
Originally, men's forearms were meant to etch religious tattoos, since this location is most visible and would constantly remind the wearer of the religious duties he has to follow in his life. It is also said to have an effect of positive energy on the wearer. Considering the number of religions man has given birth to, it is pretty obvious that religious tattoos have the widest variety of tattoo designs! Religious tattoos include many designs like Celtic knots, Celtic cross tattoos, a portrait of Hindu Deity Lord Shiva and many more religious symbols.

The best part of getting a religious tattoo on your forearm is that, you are and will always be sure of your faith in a particular religion or a religion you belong to. Getting one on your forearm will represent your sincere devotion towards your chosen religion and it will always remind you of the God himself. One of the loveliest religious forearm tattoos for men include the praying hands tattoo design. This one's perfect for the space and location your forearm provides you for a large religious tattoo. The concept behind praying hands tattoo is that it shows a person's dedication and remains a permanent symbol of his offerings of prayer to God.

More Designs
Many other designs like portrait designs, vine designs and some of the tribal tattoos too, are worth considering for forearm tattoos for men. Portrait designs, especially, are very popular as they look beautiful on a man's forearm which provides a perfect canvas for portrait designs. Portraits of famous celebrities, legends, a fictitious portrait or a portrait of the woman you love, whatever it may be, it sure does make a lovely piece of body art to look at and to wear of course!

You could also go for tribal tattoos. You may even consider ambigram tattoos that are a new rage in the tattoo world. Ambigram tattoos are such that read the same when read from any angle, straight or upside down and one part means good while the other represents evil. One of the most commercialized forearm tattoos for men, include the famous orange and yellow flame tattoo. You may consider this design, but please try to make it different as people across the world have had enough of similar male forearms! I'm sure a little effort in the field of creativity will make a forearm masterpiece!

Before getting inked, make sure you ask your tattoo artist to personalize the forearm tattoo design for you and get it done only from a certified tattoo artist. And with these ideas on forearm tattoos for men, let me ask all my male readers to be undoubtedly sure about getting inked on their forearm because the frequency of visibility of this location for a tattoo might make you change your mind in few years after getting a tattoo. And regrets aren't welcome in the tattoo world.
By Avanika Mote
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
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