Forever Be True

Simply a love poem.
Can you remember standing on the little bridge,
Watching the crystal clear water running down,
How we vied to race our little boats of twigs,
And skipped to the other side to see who'd won.

Remember walking hand in hand through the trees,
Underneath the canopy of rowans and pines,
And the welcome cool air of the summer breeze,
As it softly and gently blew against our skin.

We lay back on the grass and watched the ripples,
As the water burbled past beneath our feet,
I took a drink and then passed you the bottle,
You sipped the wine then gave it back to me.

You laid your sweet head on my shoulder then,
And closed your eyes to block out the sun,
I put my arm around you and pulled you closer in,
And we lay like that 'til it was time to go home.

On the end of a kiss we got up to walk back,
As the birds sang the tune that became our song,
We shuffled our shoes along the dusty track,
And watched the dirt settle back to where it belonged.

That day is a day that I will never forget,
A day of perfection in the company of you,
For it held a true magical moment in it,
The moment I realized that you'd forever be true.

Published: 7/14/2010
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