Forever Forsaken

My thoughts on wat would I feel like as I fell... my fifth poem, and Id love to hear wat you think of it.keep in mind that I don't really believe in a god. Comment plz! Thanx!
My end is near; I am sure.
Soon my heart will stop beating.
Although I know there is a cure,
I'm eager for Death's meeting.

My breath goes short and my blood, cold.
I can sense my soul leaving:
My death, or so I am told.
No longer can I hear grieving.

But instead of flying, as I expected,
I can feel my soul fall.
For Heaven, I am not accepted
As God hears my final call.

So into the abyss I go
With the flames of Hell beneath me.
I hold no regrets, though,
As I burn forever in agony.
Published: 3/14/2011
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