Forever This Time

A little sad ditty for Halloween.
Autumn draped me in a blanket of cold,
I watched the leaves fall,
Could smell the distant snow.

The sky was gray as a dead man's face,
The world looked miserable from window.

Then I saw her outside,
Walking up the road,
In her fur-lined boots and her black raincoat.
She looks older now,
So much older now.

I try to reminisce of warmer days,
But it's hard when the ice is not so far away.

Children run around dressed as ghouls and goblins,
Going from door to door,
Trick or treating...
I smile as I watch them.

And my mind slips back to a time long before,
When her and I, hand in hand,
Would go from door to door,
Asking for treats in exchange for a song,
But that was long ago,
So very long ago.

The snow will come soon,
A white Christmas this year,
To brighten up the gloom with one day of good cheer.

There'll be commotion outside,
Sledges and slides,
Carrot-nosed snowmen and snowball fights,
But I won't be joining in,
Not this time.

And I see her again,
As she stands across the street,
Her dark eyes, lifeless,
Yet still watching me,
She looks lost and alone,
So very lost and alone.

So I close my blinds and sit closer to the fire,
To warm my bones is a necessary desire.
When the Angel of Death came to take her home.
It was not my fault;
Well, not entirely.
She was suffering, you see,
And she was begging me.

And I see her again, lying on the bed,
So still and so silent,
With the pillow on her head,
Not one whisper of breath,
And my tears fall again,
So many tears fall again.

My thoughts are blown by a cold Norse wind,
That penetrates my heart and my soul with sin.

I feel lost and afraid and don't know what to do,
I can't rid myself of the deja-vu,
It's all happened before,
And will it happen again soon,
I fear that I am doomed.

Another storm is brewing tonight,
I can expect no respite,
From the torment that haunts me,
I don't expect to see the daylight,
She is calling for me,
She is calling to me.

So I rise from my chair and go back to the window,
I look out and I see her,
Still standing across the road,
I don't recall going through the door,
Yet I'm standing beside her.

She reaches for my hand and she leads me away,
And I feel the comfort of a warm summer's day.

I look into her eyes,
And they're filled with life,
Her smile is youthful,
She is once more beautiful,
And we are happy again,
Forever this time!
Published: 10/29/2015
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