Forget Me Never

A girl's first love never dies. It stays,stagnant,fading with the years but never forgotten.
The shiny rays of the moon,
Peeping through wide branches of the cinder trees,
Is a testimony of our love's bloom,
When our love was all but a bliss.

I was sixteen and shy,
My little breasts just beginning to appear,
Our love made me feel on top of the sky,
And all that mattered was you my dear.

Years seemed to pass too fast,
And each year we drifted farther apart,
You became too busy to be with me,
So much I doubted if our budding love would ever be.

Then I felt it was time to let go,
For all along I looked like a fool,
Cringing, loving, and hoping you had similar feelings too,
That is why all along I kept my cool.

It's been years since you left,
You who took my innocence away,
And my virginity, need I say?
And now my case I bring to rest.

Sweetheart, forget me never,
Hold my sweet memories strong like a fever,
Preserve my secrets in your heart,
And though you left me in hurt,
Trust me, I still will love you forever.
Published: 5/6/2015
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