Forgive Me My Lord for all my sins

Prayer is good
Forgive me my lord for all of my sins from
The biggest to the smallest, please throw
Them in a pit. I know my life has not been
Perfect from when I can remember but the one
Thing I most remember is you are my
Creator. I know that the world says we all
Fall short of heaven but one thing I could
Assure you I’ll die trying to enter the
Gates of heaven. I have an idea of what
Heaven will be but that idea falls short of
What’s waiting for me. I live for the day
That the almighty Lord comes when we hear
The trumpets we'll know the king of kings
Has come. Every knee must bend to him, all
Eyes will tear knowing the final day is finally here
The blind will see him, the mute will give him praise, and the
Deaf will hear him on judgment day, all the
Cripple will enter his palace place and all will
Live happily ever after till the end of no days.
Published: 10/22/2008
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