My take on the concept of forgiveness!!
Why do we forgive?? Or why should we forgive??? This is a question that has been coming to my mind a lot lately. I think the reason why we, or rather I, forgive is because the concepts of right and wrong for me are not really based on specific truths. They are based on circumstantial perceptions. These perceptions change from time to time and situation to situation.

Let us see an example, somebody is flirting with you at a party, the person is good looking and endowed adequately. Now, at such a time the flirting is right, right? But, if it's during work and the person is not as good looking as you would have wanted, it's wrong! You wonder, what's the matter with them?

It's odd how fluctuating our perceptions can be. That just makes our understanding of right and wrong fluctuate. Then, on what basis do we judge? On what basis do we form principles, and on what basis do we expect from others? It's odd how we behave "righteously" and look down on those who "don't".

Just a pure example of how complicated we humans make our lives, why can't we just live on the principles of nature? Paganism- survival of the fittest. No principles other than that of pure survival and needs of nature. Won't we just be happy, content, complete?

Going back in time, back to our sources, where we came from. Evolution has its side-effects and we seem to be facing them now!!!

Something to think about, right?
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 7/20/2009
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