Forgiving the Forgotten - 1

A story of a galactic exiled prince and how destiny changes his life. This is my longest novel yet. I've tried to improve the story. It is already completed and that is why I was absent from the iBuzzle scene for so long. Hope u all enjoy it.
This novel is dedicated to...
My grandparents- Sudha Vidyarthi & R.P. Vidyarthi, G.C. Verma & Sati Verma.


I wish to thank my twin Shivali, without whom I would never have the courage to write (technically- type).
I thank my mother who was always updated over phone, about the number of pages I had written, even if she had to be awakened from her afternoon nap. My loving mumma.

I will happily thank my father who, though never informed that I was writing a novel, deserves all my thanks for reminding me that I have a medical degree to achieve too!

I thank my writer best friend- Madhumitha Marian Patrick Francoise Christianne, who heard all my twisted plots and bearing the confusion of my constantly changing plots.

Thanks to Manira, my dearest friend- for showing me the strength of friendship.
Of course, I will be eternally damned if I don't thank Ridz my e-pen pal who awaited this story with great eagerness.

Thank you.
Meeth Srivastava.



AMENATSU- [The Black Dragon] POV

The path to the Islands seemed clear. Not a single meteor in sight. The stars seemed vibrant streaks of light as our twelve ships zoomed past them. It was at least three years since we had last seen our homes.
The Islands were a group of twelve floating but connected planets which were rather small in size compared to others. And each of these planets had their own satellites. All of which were Yuver made.

Long ago, humans from Earth began dispatching themselves into deeper reaches of the universe to form new worlds- Jerome, Emperia, the Islands, Rosen and Siet etc.
Yuver was the name of the first man who discovered this system; and also the name of the human like species in the Islands. Soon many species came and started living on the Islands. The human like or rather the civilized lot, who looked like humans, called themselves Yuvers. Only, the Yuvers were a superior race and were many times more advanced. The twelve rulers were also Yuvers- the most superior class.
Basically the twelve rulers were supposed to prevent the civil imbalance. And keep the planets harmoniously connected.

But hundreds of years ago, a war broke out between all the planets. And the rulers unwittingly went to war. That was the end of the first arc of the Islands.
(arc- time period)
The second arc was commenced by the combined coronation of the princes and princesses of the twelve planets.
I believe the princes and princesses were wise enough to form the Concord of the Islands. After that no civil wars took place. Not till now at least.

We were the next heirs who were all the army heads for each planet. Five year training and camps were necessary for the heirs to become the emperors.
The twelve of us were the best of friends. I even found my first love in Hebi, the princess of the neighboring planet. But, she found the same in Tora, my best friend. So I let my heart break and have left the broken pieces to mourn for themselves.
And I believe that the rest of my life will be spent alone if not in the company of misery. The total agony of love. Lost love.

No I do not mean to say that I'm a miserable albeit young handsome, rich but lost prince.
Moving on to better aspects of my life, I've to leave this system next week. The coronation will take place next month. And then, my twin brother, whom I've barely known for a few months will be crowned king of the Tatsu planet. Because I look the same as him, I'll be asked to 'kindly' leave the system with all that I want.

You must be wondering why does he get to stay in spite of me attending all the training. That's cause multiple births are considered unlucky and no one except the twelve royal families know that Amenatsu, the dead twin is alive. And kicking. I'm that twin and Tatsu is the real deal. Of course, people think I'm Tatsu. When the real Tatsu finally meets the people, it'll be the first time people see him, so it won't make a difference. And as for my friends, well, they accepted the truth five years ago.

I was sent for training because I would need it, while a home trained ruler would also do for our peaceful planet. My fate was unknown. Tatsu saw little of me and never really acknowledged my presence. Probably because he was brought up believing that his twin was killed years ago. Doesn't matter. I keep my distance from him.

My name, identity was only important for the status and money part. My existence didn't matter. My choices didn't affect anyone. Overall, I was just a being with absolutely no effect on my surroundings. That was disappointing. And demoralizing.

By being born a twin, I had sinned and so was supposed to die. But my mother spared my life by not adding poison to my drink. Luckily for me, I was allowed to live, only to be banished before becoming the suitable age for a king.
Big deal.
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Published: 8/31/2010
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