Forgiving the Forgotten - 15



I had never been so happy… that whole month. Playing around and visiting all the different restaurants in the city. And we even went to amusement parks. But a call from Jerome turned everything around.
I had to leave immediately. And I asked Ru to come over and look after Taeen. He arrived a day before I left. He told me gravely of the prophecy master. And that he had summoned him to the palace in time with my schedule.
"Amenatsu, please be at ease. You know you can trust me. I’ll join the college as the next substitute biology teacher."

I stood there. My mind a whirl of emotions. Taeen was waiting for me in the dining hall. More for our time later in the balcony when I used to comb her hair every night before sleeping than for dinner. I could say that not from reading her mind but her expressions, her body language. My heart saddened and I felt my eyes moisten. I just didn’t want to leave her here. Unprotected.
"She will not be unprotected Amenatsu…. I’ll protect her with my life."
I nodded and we proceeded towards the dining hall. I had to introduce him to Taeen.
Taeen stood up to come grab my hand and drag me to the table as usual but stopped when she saw the stranger.
She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and I wanted to crush her to myself. If only… if only I could love her the way I wanted. I needed her. Wanted her. And there was no way I could make it possible.

Control Amenatsu. Control.
Ru smiled at Taeen and bent to kiss her hand. She bowed politely as was Jerome fashion.
I said clearing my throat, "Taeen, this is Ru, he is my best friend. And since I’ve to go to Jerome for sometime he’ll take care of you."
She retorted back immediately, "I can take care of myself but…."
She stopped. Ru would have to work and gain her trust. I motioned for the food to be served and asked the two to have their seats. Taeen sat near me and Ru sat opposite me.

"Ru, this is Princess Ta. She is prince Washita’s sister."
"He loved you and took a good decision in trusting Amenatsu with you."
Taeen nodded. I closed my eyes. Something was terribly wrong. I was spacing out and yet it felt a part of me was growing more and more violent or uncontrolled. I ate rather quietly as Ru and Taeen conversed formally. My head felt heavy and my plate was going in and out of focus.
The table seemed to be melting in front of me and Ru stood up all of a sudden.
I suppressed the black dragon. It snarled and raged against me but calmed down soon after.

Taeen was holding my shoulders protectively and was not allowing Ru to touch me. I opened my eyes. Ah… how very embarrassing, I passed out for a few seconds in front of her. Sigh.
"Everything’s alright. I’m just tired."
"Shut the f*** up!" Taeen yelled at me and dragged me to the couch, with Ru scurrying with water behind us. Poor Ru. I chuckled at her anger. She was so worried.
She threw me on the couch and sat on the floor cushions. Her eyes shone with worry. She moved my hair out of my eyes.
My eyes widened in disbelief. Was I dreaming? She had never done that before. She stroked my head and said in a soft voice, "I was just worried. You never… that never happened to you before. I was just…."

She looked down into her lap and hit my head after stroking it.
"Don’t do that again."
I smiled and said, "I’ll try."
Ru just looked at us and stared at me. I knew he would talk to me about this. I could handle it.
"I’ll leave late in the night. I would prefer if you would go to sleep."
"No hair making session today?"
I shook my head and refused her as un-heartbreakingly as possible. I knew she would stay up till I left. Was it an expectation? No. I sincerely wanted her to sleep and get some rest. But equally selfishly I wanted her to see me off.

When she had retired to her room, Ru and I sat in my chamber to discuss various things- like the prophecy master and the relation between me and Taeen and many other less important things.
Ru was, by fact, a man of direct words. So our conversation used to be blunt if it was serious.
"Will she be bearing the heir?"
I looked around and asked him to speak softly. I couldn’t have others hearing our conversation.
"What are you talking about?"
"I’m supposedly your best friend and if something happens to you the princess does not let me touch you…. Either she thinks I prefer men to women or that she does not trust me at all…."

"Ah! Yes…. You’ll have to earn her trust. She does not trust strangers. And she hasn’t told me the cause yet. Which I believe is a consequence of a bad event related to some Earth male."
"Shall we execute him?"
I looked up at him, as if he had gone insane.
"Why would you kill someone for that. Sure we could take measures to chop his testicles which I would so dearly love to do, but unfortunately I don’t know the identity of that pervert."
Ru nodded and analyzed the conversation and reported the findings, "You are in love with the princess and she too is falling for you rapidly enough. If things go on smoothly, she’ll be the Queen and you the King."

I looked at him and tried to prevent myself from viewing it as a possibility. But I was helpless against the images that filled my mind. No. no. no. no. no.
Forbidden love. Impossible. She belonged to someone else.
"Amenatsu! Control yourself! Hey hey! Get a hold on yourself! Amenatsu!"
I jolted back to reality. I was forcing my hands free of Ru’s grip.
"I’m sorry."
He nodded and I said again, "I don’t know what is happening to me. I’ve to leave for Jerome. And my black dragon is waking up. But I’ve no idea how to control it. What should I do?"

Ru let go of my wrists slowly and made me lay down on my bed. My eyes were already closing.
"I’ll wake you in another two hours. Sleep for now Amenatsu. You’re tired my friend. Exhausted. Stop hurting yourself so much. Perhaps you’ll be better off then. Sleep now."
I didn’t hear the door click close. And luckily for me, I had a dreamless sleep. I was going to miss Taeen, terribly.
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Published: 9/18/2010
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