Forgiving the Forgotten - 34



Moonseed landed three minutes prior to the scheduled time. The reception was a protected area where we were scanned for diseases and identifications and registrations.
Taeen, Mia, Hayame, Zuniyah and Trace finished their identifications and attained their residency certificates. Of course the process was sped up due to the princess’ presence. The staff stared in awe at her. Her brown hair that fell softly to her waist in waves and her sea green eyes.
I noted that the dress perfectly complemented her.
The doors to the entrance to the actual continent were opened by the gate keepers.
A dull, cloudy atmosphere with many people greeted us.
I saw so many familiar faces and so many unknown. I was still getting to know them.
Just before stepping out I linked my arm with hers to introduce her to her people.
"Princess… you have to address your people after I introduce you…"

I chuckled at her and continued with her to the edge of the podium.
There was silence as Nanette’s unit handled the arrangements. My people were very nice and the total population was less than a million.
The Primes of each region stood in front of their constituencies. It was a welcoming site.
I saw Taeen trying to maintain her composure in front of them. Her fingers quivered where she held my arm. I placed one hand over hers and said to the people, "Thank you all for welcoming us. As promised, I return, albeit a week late to bring you your princess safe and sound back to her home. I hope that you will all attend the ball which will be held soon in her honor."
I propelled Taeen forward as she cleared her throat and said, "Thank you all," she paused and looked at me a bit nervously and turned back to say, "It’s a pleasure to return home… and I hope I’ll get to know you all…. I…."

She shook her head and with overwhelmed eyes stepped back.
I held her hand again and we bowed to the crowd. The people waved at us and we waved back. Ru and the others followed behind. Little Zuniyah waved at everyone and my people waved back.
Nanette stood in front of us with a warm welcoming smile.
She bowed to the princess and requested to personally escort her.
"May I princess?"
Taeen looked at me while I gently placed her hand on Nanette’s arm. Taeen looked tall compared to Nanette as she escorted her to the vehicle.
It was a black palace car with the regular symbols stamped on.
I sat in the same car next to Taeen. The car sped off.

I tapped the windows twice and the windows disappeared from hers as well as my side.
The air smelt of rubies. They were the correspondents of roses on earth.
"Oh my god! The ground looks like part of the sky!"
I chuckled at the regular site. It was inverse sky an area of land where the sky could be kept under feet.
Beautiful in every way, it felt like one was walking among stars. Beautiful and romantic, although the three moons and two suns of Jerome could not be pulled down the ground.
Taeen’s fingers quivered when she held the side of the car.
"Relax princess; you’re going to live here for eternity. This is your home…."
She sighed and slowly, cautiously settled into the soft fur of the seat.
"I think I’m feeling hungry…" she said to me telepathically.
"Me too, would you like to wait to reach the palace or would you have lunch outside… the palace has arranged your welcome dinner though…."
"Na, I’ll have lunch in the palace."
I smiled softly.

It was more than physical pain to have to hide the fact that she was my fiancé, to hide from her how close I was to making her mine.
There was this part of me who continually ached to catch her in my arms and hold her for all eternity. To be turned to statues that way, holding, loving each other.
Taeen… if anything would happen to her, would she die, my life would also cease.
I love you Taeen… so much that I’m willing to spend the rest of eternity suffering in the hell I made. A place without your love.
Over time I will wither and die here. Devoid of my life force, devoid of your touch. How will I live?
This place reminds me so much more of the love I feel for you. Someday you’ll fall in love with someone else and I’ll be left abandoned yet again by someone I thought was so close.
Happens. With exiled princes and accidental kings.

"Amon! Look at that! Is that a shrine?"
I turned away and said softly, "That’s prince Washita’s shrine. His soul rests there. Shall we visit it sometime soon?"
"No… I’ve some things I want to give him. Will he receive it?"
"Yes, if you put enough power in it, it’ll be sent to the after world where he rests. Ah! Look! The palace is just behind that hill, it looks lovely in the lazy sun in the afternoon."
My anticipation seeped into her as she sucked in a deep breath at the site of the huge palace. It was rather empty of people. It held the military headquarters and the Premium house where meetings were held for continental development.
Sigh… I hoped Taeen’s presence would cheer me up. I had been away from the palace too long.

A huge white structure with majestic domes and violet pillars stood in front of us.
"Your highnesses, we have reached Lilac palace. Ru and his family have been allocated the Emerald palace being the closest to both the military headquarters and the Research Axis."
I wondered what had made Ru take Mia and her children as family. I was very sure she could manage well without the status.
"Very well. Is the palace for the princess ready?"
"Yes your highness, the palace for both of you has been readied."
Nanette’s voice zoned out. Taeen caught my arm and pulled me closer to herself. Ah! But such moments were precious.
"Maybe Ru and Mia love each other that is why he finally found family."
I nodded and stayed by her side till she didn’t move back.
Was I flirting?
How could I? In this state of anguish?
Get the hell back to me Taeen!
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Published: 10/7/2010
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