Forgotten Dreams

Pessimistic realities...
What do you do

When you’re bored outta you’re mind

And the one thing left to contemplate

Is once upon a time?

Once upon a time...

I remembered my dreams

But now I can’t even hear my thoughts

Through these agonizing screams.

Happy endings are never real

And yet reality is all a lie

Once I wished for a magic time

But now I’d rather die.

Pessimism is reality

And future hopes are dead

The ending is frightening

At least inside of my head.

Give it all up forever

Those times will never come again

For now the one thing left

Is to sit and remember my sins.

But there's too many to count

So I go through life with dread

Yet another thing to mourn

As my tears begin to show
What did you think?
it's ok
like it
love it
want some more of it
hate it
it's just a bunch of scribbles to me
Published: 11/30/2008
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