Forgotten Husband - Chapter Five

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At the dinner table, Akshat kept looking at Kavya whereas she behaved normal. Why didn't the nagging thoughts stop in his mind that something was wrong about her?

He knew, last night he had changed his mind after discussed with her. But that was just to spare her from the embarrassment. But now sitting on the table, he had this notion that something was not right. He spent the entire day to think and decide why to question about something they both had enjoyed. What was the point in discussing the matter again, so he dropped it. It was not the time to regret, he should relax for sometime. If this feeling continued bugging him, then he will ask her.

Once they finished dinner, Kavya and Akshat retired to their room.

"Kavya," Akshat called her when they were in the room.

"Yeah?" Kavya turned back, as she was going through her wardrobe.

"Are you okay?" Akshat asked her.

'What can possibly be wrong with me? And why do you care?' Kavya wanted to ask him, but she breathed deep and replied,"Yes. I am fine." Then she asked, "Do you need anything?"

Akshat looked at her for five seconds then nodded 'no'. He sat on the bed quiet with remote control. He usually watched news in the night. Kavya went to the bathroom after dinner, it's hard for her to behave normal when all she wanted to do was cry. As soon as she went in the bathroom, she closed the door, and her control snapped, tears started overflowing. She was crying like hell, she had not cried for last 3 months. She always had these crying jags in every two months, she had been overdue this time.

She had never know the reason why she needed to cry, but she always felt light after crying. Marriage didn't change her habit, she used to cry before marriage too. So she applied face pack in every two or three months to pretend Akshat that she would be busy for some time, then in the bathroom she would cry her heart out. Today she had a reason to cry, maybe for losing hope or else thinking for hope. After her talked with Aashi, she had been thinking about a changed Akshat.

Kavya remembered a little speech she had with Akshat where he mentioned he had enjoyed last night. Also he questioned her about her strange behavior. What hurting her was that he didn't ask anything if it were alright to behave so bizarre. Did it mattered so little to him about how she behaved? She was afraid, what if he asked why she ran away for office early in the morning today. These thoughts made her chest heavy and she wanted to weigh it off her, but how?

She very well knew that Akshat would not express himself. It simply wasn't him that made Kavya cry harder. Because she wished he would prove her wrong by asking her questions, but it was wrong to blame him either way. He never promised her stars, moon, or romance. He was not the type of guy who would hug her spontaneously or cuddle her in the night. Or would say I love you, for him emotions were the root problem of everything. So why was she expecting him to change, she had no right to expect the things from him. Things he had specifically said he wasn't interested in. Just because she was having self-doubts, didn't mean he would also doubt him. Akshat was the most self-assured person she knew, also she had been the same.

She was crying was nonstop now, but she let the tears flow. She needed to cry to get rid of all these overflowing emotions. She have to control herself by tomorrow as well as she needed to be all alone away from Akshat. He was a constant reminder for the things, she could not have. And the most important part was that it was not his fault. She wasn't even sure she wanted those new feelings and emotions. Maybe it was just hormonal changes and she would be normal after some time. There was something wrong with her mind since last two weeks. So she have to check and understand the reasons behind it and should come with a solution. It would not be possible if Akshat is around, so she decided to go to her mom's place tomorrow. Akshat and her mother-in-law never restricted her going to her parents' home. She decided she will tell them in the morning about her decision.

Akshat was still awake, he noticed Kavya spent almost 90 minutes in bathroom, usually she took 60 minutes to apply face pack. Whatever she might done with the face, but taking too long made him felt out of sleep. She thought he must be sleeping, so she slept turning her back to him on the bed. As soon she lay down, he turned toward her. He could see her back covered in the blanket. Also he could smell the sweet fragrance of whatever she had applied on her face or her body. He didn't exactly know what she did inside. He had never thought of asking, maybe he would ask next time.

His mind was torturing him, there was nothing wrong with Kavya. She was the same, he was just over-thinking everything. She was embarrassed and that's what made him think that something was not right. Shrugging his doubts, he soon fell asleep.

Early in the morning, Kavya woke up and packed her luggage with few essentials things she needed at her mom's place. Also she told her mother-in-law, Lata about her leaving, she looked at her with a concern, but said she was okay with it. Now she just had to inform Akshat, she had to pull it off, because he was very intelligent and would know if she was hiding something.

After breakfast, Akshat saw Kavya in the bedroom dressed for work. She was wearing a beautiful red kurti with black tights. Not only red color suited her, but also every color suited her. She smiled at him when she saw him in the bedroom and said, "Akshat, I'm going to go to my ma's place tonight for a few days."

Akshat was surprised, he had never stopped her from going, but this time.... her decision surprised him. Yesterday, he knew something was different and he discarded his theory, but today she was confirming it? He entered the room looking at Kavya, "Kavya, are WE okay? Why this sudden decision leaving?" Akshat asked her directly.

Kavya was taken aback, but she shouldn't have to. She knew Akshat that he was always direct, he didn't believe in subtleties. "Yes, we are okay Akshat. I have been planning to go to mom's place for some time. Last night just felt like going. Why? Any issues?"

Akshat looked at her, he had no reason to have any problems. It was her right if she wanted to go to her parent's home. She sounded normal and looked fairly normal than last night. Maybe it HAD BEEN his imagination working overtime.

He smiled at Kavya, "NO. no issues. I was just surprised at the sudden news. You enjoy with your parents."

Kavya couldn't look away from that smile and his lips. He looked so... so handsome and kissable. She just wanted to go to him, stand on her toes and bite him on his lower lip. This was the reason she had to go away. This new behavior, why she felt like kissing to him and knew it was not her. His smile had been same since past two years, why suddenly she wanted to bite his lip?

"Thanks Akshat. I will let you know when I am coming back."

Akshat nodded to her and they left for work.


Kavya pressed the doorbell as she reached to her parents' home. Her mom opened the door, and Kavya felt like a girl again. Her mom was around 52 years old. Kavya had gotten her heart-shaped face and eyes from her. The only difference was that her mom's eyes were too expressive, so Kavya and her dad always knew what her mom was thinking.

Kavya had been an only child, she wished for siblings. But her mother's health had been the reason her parents had not tried for second child.

"KAVYA," her mom pulled her inside and hugged her, "so good to see you. I was just thinking when you will come to us. Pradeep, come and see Kavya has come."

Smiling Kavya came inside and looked at her father. He was as handsome as Akshat, but her father was more approachable. He looked good with his gray hair and easy smile. The easy smile made him more approachable, which Akshat didn't have. Her father smiled and hugged her too.

"It's good to see you Kavya. How are you and Akshat, and how's your mother-in-law?"

Kavya sighed and sat on the sofa along with her father, "Akshat is good, so is mom and me too." She was wondering where her mother went, but she saw her mom coming in the room with a glass of water.

"MOM. Am I guest? I can get water if I am thirsty. You please sit down," Kavya said and pulled her mom, so she could sit beside her.

Her mom had an heart attack when Kavya was nine. It had been quite serious, since then for Kavya, it became very important to take care of her mother. Her mother never had any medical emergency. But her heart was so weak and she had to be careful. Kavya had overheard what the doctor had said and she had taken them to her heart. For Kavya, she always had to take care of her mom or else her mom would again fall ill. She was happy that she made the decision to come to her parents. It had been a long time, she had stayed with them.

Smiling she started listening to her parents' arguing what to have for dinner. Then her mind went to think about her husband, 'What was Akshat doing at home? Was he missing me? Why did he think that....' Then she heard her father calling for her. "Kavya.... what are you thinking? Let's go out for dinner? Pizza Hut, is that fine with you sweetheart?"

"Anything is fine dad," Kavya said smiling.

Kavya's mom, Maya looked at her daughter. She loved her daughter very much, so was happy to see her at home. But she wonder why Kavya was indecisive?

She went back in the past, when she was in the hospital, her daughter had changed at lot. Maya was not totally aware of the incidents as she had been in the hospital. Pradeep had been beside her. Their relatives had taken care of Kavya, She had been grateful to them for that. When she had come home, she had seen a changed Kavya.

Pradeep and their relatives dismissed her worries about her daughter by saying, 'Kavya had grown up.' But Maya thought there was other reasons behind it. But this time was not right to think about the past. Her daughter was married now and she was here with them. Maybe they had been right, Kavya just grew up.

Kavya raised her eyebrows at her mom when she saw her staring at her. Her mom just shook her head, Kavya felt right sitting on the sofa with her parents.

Kavya hoped she would figure out her new thoughts and strange feelings. She needed to and if these feeling going to stay in her mind, she needed to find a way to conceal them.


Akshat looked at the empty side of the bed, he missed Kavya. They lived together and now she was not there, so it was obvious that he would miss her. But he would never say those words to her, he disliked stating the obvious feelings. She had to know, he would miss her, so would she.

He had seen his father saying to his mother, 'I miss you', 'I love you' several times. But the fact was that he also loved and missed his mistresses. He would also say sorry all the times and went back to what he liked doing best. He had seen her mother forgiving his father several times, just because she loved him. He had seen his father say 'sorry' every time, he came home after being with his mistress. He knew his wife would forgive him, he counted on her love. But he never left her, as he loved her too BUT he COULD NOT stay faithful.

Since then Akshat knew 'that love', emotions were just there to manipulate people. He had no need of such feelings and greetings, and he knew nor did Kavya.
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