Forgotten Husband - Chapter One

Kavya has settled in a life that she likes a lot. Since last two weeks, she has changed, but couldn't figure out what was the reason behind it? And why? How will her life change along with her family?
It was dark, it always was. Whenever the nightmare started, it started with the darkness, then the suffocation started. She never knew when or how, but she fought to breathe. She felt ton of weight on her chest, she couldn't see and that made it worse. She never knew what stopped her breathing, she just knew something did. She was aware that she was dreaming, but how to stop it. How to come out of it?

Finally for struggling like an hour, she surfaced with her face bathed in sweat. It was like she was thrown into consciousness and she breathed like she just surfaced in water. She tried to take in her familiar surrounding to make her mind believe she was awake now. She saw the night lamp next to her, also the curtains on the door leading to the balcony. Opposite the bed, the wall looked familiar and she came back fully.

She slowly lowered her breathing, she turned, and saw her husband lying next to her in bed. She wanted to turn and hug him so she could forget the nightmare. The few moments from the nightmare still clinging to her.

But it would not be right, not that he would deny her, but she wasn't the hugging type. He would accept her but would be surprised. She had astonished herself by thinking about it. Still she just looked at her husband in the dim light. Curtains were drawn so the room was dark, the only light was from the night lamp.

She simply just looked at him, his handsome features were evident even in the low light. Actually he looked better while sleeping. His bronze hair on his ruggedly handsome face looked too good to be true. His dark brown eyes right now closed eyes were a complement to his face.

She sighed and decided to visit a doctor as lately her thoughts surprised her too much.

She got up slowly from bed to go to the bathroom. In bathroom she switched on the lights. She stood at the sink and looked in the mirror. A heart-shaped face with hazel eyes looked back at her. She was not gorgeous, but she was attractive. Her waist length black hair were her joy. She was slim, not a curvy figure guys preferred. She shrugged and washed her face. Her thoughts would keep her there all day and she had work to go to.

She finished her bath and other daily chores. She then ventured into kitchen and started preparing breakfast and lunch.

She finished making lunch and was preparing breakfast when her mother-in-law came in the kitchen. "Good Morning," she said with a smile.

"Good morning Kavya," her mother-in-law replied with a smile, "so what is for breakfast?"

"Upma for breakfast and palak paneer for lunch," Kavya said while giving her tea. It was their daily interaction and she liked it that way. Though her mother-in-law was in her mid-fifties, she looked young. She looked perfect in her cotton Saree and neatly combed hair. She was a widow who stayed with Kavya and Kavya. She had her own life, never intervened between them.

They all lived together in Mumbai suburbs. They had their own routine which they strictly followed. Especially Kavya and her husband; Kavya was very particular about her routine, though her mother-in-law Lata was bit flexible.

This was all about Kavya's life and she liked it in that way only. She had been married for two years, the couple didn't have passion or love, still they care and respect each other. Theirs was an arranged marriage and before marriage her husband had told her how he spent his life. She agreed to marry him knowing his nature because she too was the same.

From last two weeks many things had been messed up in her head. First the nightmares, if they weren't coming then there were dreams of fantasy. Apart from her night disturbances, there were these cheeky comments came in her head. It was difficult to not to say it aloud.

She was a quiet woman who lived by routine and rules, but what was happening to her?
Published: 9/15/2014
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