Forgotten People

People we bypass without a care...
I see a homeless person sleeping on the street,
Crying softly as people walked past him, too busy to donate small change,
I can see his pain and sorrow written on the lines of his face,
The person living in the box because the government would rather purchase a new land,
Or car instead of homes for those who cannot defend themselves.

Women selling themselves to men just to support their children,
A cat goes missing and neighbors donate everything to help the cause,
Another homeless person beaten to death by a bored teenager,
More homeless and empty buildings condemned to be forgotten and taken out.

Elderly people disappearing into the night,
A missing child and wide world news,
Front page post another death,
Another memory pushed to the side by a celebrity rehab story.

Each night a star falls from the sky as another person dies alone and forgotten,
This world would rather forget about the problems on the corner street,
A happy memory is better than a sad one,
A happy child is more important than making somebody’s day.

Do you remember that homeless guy you said 'no' to?
If you had said 'yes', he could have been alive one more day,
Your 'no' sent him to an early grave,
One meal could have meant a lifetime to him.

A few loose change to support him,
Close your eyes and imagine that one was a loved one on hard times,
He could be your father, brother or son, could you let him die alone and cold?
Could you walk away and say to yourself next time you will donate?

Everybody says next time to a person forgotten on the streets,
Walls and light post covered in missing people posters,
Seasons change and they fall to the ground forgotten and reposed by another missing,
What has this world come to, when we just let people die like yesterday's trash?

Are we too busy making ourselves happy that we can’t do one right thing per day?
Could you survive without meals, without love?
Not everybody can pick up a phone and call out for help,
Can you close your eyes and listen to the thousands of silent cries that go unanswered?

I see a homeless sleeping on the street,
This time instead of watching him cry,
I can see him smile as you stop and offer a hand,
This time we did right and saved one more life.
Published: 4/5/2012
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