Medical Cartoons

They say that the medical profession is the noblest of all. But does it mean that it is devoid of any humor? Check this category out and see for yourself!
(th)ink: Dr. Pill
Just what the Dr. ordered.
Swine Flu
Breaking news from Israel!
the K Chronicles: "Fascination with Vaccinations"
Keef contemplates pediatric vaccination schedules..
Story Minute: "Gene Pool"
The genetic test was conclusive – he was going to die.
CRYiNG MACHO MAN: "Yoga Tenderizer"
A yoga class is put into a compromising position. Check out what I mean in my latest cartoon.
CRYiNG MACHO MAN: "Spare A Dime"
The homeless have taken it to the next level!
CRYiNG MACHO MAN: "Eating For One"
Media darling, Nicole Ritchie, gets her 'just desserts' in this new comic strip.
Doctors these days have the bedside manner of a grizzly bear! Check out what I mean in my latest comic strip!
(th)ink: "Sick T.V."
A new reality show in the Netherlands..
the K Chronicles: "Keef is Still Sick"
Guest artist Nina Paley fills in for a sick Keef this week..
the K Chronicles: "The Gay Gene"
Keef is sick as a dog this week..Here's a K Chronicles classic!!
(th)ink: "What's up, Doc?"
Silence can be deadly...
Doctor! You have to put down my cat!
"Just Do It"
"Less money is spent annually on medical research than on hairdos." --L. M. Boyd
"Coal Comfort"
85% of all mercury pollution in the U.S. is released by power plants burning coal and medical waste incinerators burning mercury tainted trash.
"Rael World"
So... I hear you clone people. I want to be cloned.