Sample Party Invitation Template

Creating invitations for an upcoming party can be a lot easier if you download a template for a party invitation. Using these invitation templates will help you create personalized invitations.
It is your daughter's fifth birthday and on her insistence, the party is themed Alice in Wonderland. You have no difficulty arranging decorations for the party, and ensuring that everything is planned according to the theme at hand, but your main problem comes in the form of lack of party invitations that match the theme. This is where templates that you can download come to the rescue. There are many websites out there that offer you templates in every design imaginable so that you can have the exact invitation that you want for your party. These downloadable party invitations are the perfect solution to your invitation nightmare. Downloading them and customizing them to suit your needs can help you create invitations which will be everything that you need and more.

Free Invitation Templates

Before you go ahead and download these templates for your party, remember to ensure that these invitations match the nature of the party that you are throwing. An extravagant, formal, sit-down party cannot have you sending out invitations that are visibly downloaded from a website. For such occasion, handcrafted invitations are more suited. Opt to outsource the work to professionals in the field. For more casual parties though, using templates is a perfectly acceptable option.

Another great advantage of using free printable invitations and party theme templates for invitations is that these are extremely cost-effective. Most websites that have these templates on display allow users to download the same at absolutely no charge. The only money that you will need to put in will be the money that you need to spend on the printing of the cards and for the stationery that you use for the same. With free templates, you could also always explore the idea of sending out these invitations as e-invites or online invitations. You will also save a lot of time while creating these invitations. If you do not want to make any changes to the invitations, then all you need to do is add the details regarding the party and the guests. Given below is a generic format for a party invitation.

Free Party Invitation Template
Contact Name

Dear (Name),

Invitation wording suitable for the occasion at hand


Customizing Party Invitation Templates

One of the main advantages of using free party invitation samples and templates available online is the sheer choice available to you as a user. Most websites have designs in a wide variety from Christmas party invitation templates to a retirement party invitation template. All you need to do as a user is to download those templates that you fancy and create your invitations. But despite the wide choice, if you are unable to find a party invitation that matches your needs, then you have the option of customizing the invitations. So, how do you do that?
  • If you are good at using photo editing software, then these can help you to use pre-existing templates to create your invitations. You can play around with graphic, fonts, and placement to create unique templates for your invitation. This will ensure that the template that you have downloaded matches your theme.
  • Another way of personalizing invitations is to use different material to print out the invitations. Use recycled or handmade paper, or if you can try using a durable fabric for the invitation. This will give the invitation a whole new twist.
  • Playing around with the shape of the invitation is also a great way of customizing the same. Use a shape that is synonymous with the theme of the party, like an apron for a barbecue, or a scroll for a graduation party, or even a watch for a farewell party invitation template. These can be unique ways of sending out invitations.
There are many such ideas that you can use while using these templates. Let your creativity free and use the ideas that you like to create invitations that will definitely be the talk of the town, when you send them out.
By Tulika Nair
Last Updated: 9/19/2011
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