Free to Explore...

Another poem my friend and I wrote together! Hope you like it! =)
The rays of the sun washed away my sins,
All my dirty deeds gone,
I was free to dream in the light of day...
In my mind.

Your webs cannot hold me now,
Your spidery sinews have released me,
My heart is free to roam,
The inky blackness of your soul cannot touch me here.

My wings spread wide,
Free to explore.
I lift my face to the sun and let it comfort me.

Love is something you don’t have.
Love is something I am free to give.
Love is something you cannot own.
Love is something given...
Of their own will.

No one can be forced to love.
No one can be forced to be there for you.
So you may shrivel up and die in the darkness of the night,
I roam freely through the meadows of day.

Free and no longer yours...
Is this poem good?
Yes! Write more!
Eh... seen better.
No... please don't put me through this misery anymore.
Published: 7/29/2011
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