Freedom Amuck

This was one that took me awhile. It was a school assignment! Hope you like it!
Is freedom a right or is it a luxury?
It's difficult to determine in today's society.
Kings, rulers, Prime Ministers, and government,
Deciding our fates in the golden parliament.

Society is decaying with contradiction,
Those in charge determine the condition.
Basic life essentials are being withheld,
Babies thirsty, hungry stand among the bloodshed.

How is it freedom when there is no end?
Countless die and governments won't bend.
Evil is easy and goodness transcend,
Babies cry out and help is never sent.

Where is the freedom? Where can it be found?
Countless people search in a pillaging crowd.
Evil is right and right is now wrong,
For goodness sake people, life is not long.

A day will come when freedom will prevail,
When judgments are no longer clouded by a veil.
Governments overturned and citizens now free,
A new day will dawn and goodness again will be.

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Published: 11/21/2013
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