French Doors with Built-in Blinds

French doors with built-in blinds look amazing and do not need regular maintenance like other types of blinds. What are these blinds and how they are the best alternative? Here are the answers.
Blinds are amongst the best window treatments that you can also consider for doors. There are plenty of options. If you are planning to dress up your French doors then you have many alternatives. Choosing the right type of blinds, curtains and drapes might be a tough task in case of these highly decorative French doors. French doors are made of multiple glass panes and have wooden or metal frames that add to the beauty of doors. French doors are wide and tall and most often installed to have a spacious effect. Their size and design offers minimal privacy. Hence, you need to fix the right type of blinds that add the essential privacy factor without diminishing the beauty of these doors. So how about having the built-in blinds used to cover up these doors in the right style? Wondering what are built-in blinds? Here's more about French doors with built-in blinds.

What are Built-in Blinds

Before we look at the best features, let us understand what exactly these blinds are. These blinds are basically fixed between two glass panes. Each door will have a separate blind fixed inside it. These are basically sandwiched between the glass panes and can be opened or closed using strings having adjusting knobs that are placed on outer side of door frame. With these blinds that rest inside the doors, you have the advantage of entering or leaving room with just opening and closing the doors. Like in other types of window treatments you have to move the doors and blinds as well.

Built-in Blinds for French Doors

When you consider having French doors with blinds, these blinds are the best of all the available options. Having roll up or vertical blinds for larger doors can be troublesome while opening and closing the doors. These blinds make this task quite easier. Moreover, French doors with blinds between the glass also reduce the maintenance factor. While the screens keep the blinds covered all the time with no dust or dirt entering the panes, you need not worry about cleaning the blinds.

As mentioned above, French doors often have multiple glass panes and sections that together form a door. So you can also consider having them between the glass. This allows you to have blinds of desired sections open or closed at a time. While you have curtains, there is always a problem of keeping them in place. They might often be messy due to wind, especially in case of the doors. So having interior or exterior French doors with blinds of this type is an ultimate idea.

You have a number of options for gracing up interior or exterior French doors. From the size of slats used in these horizontal blinds till the color and material that make up the blinds, you have a wide variety to choose your pick. White color is the most popular and decent looking pieces. White looks best with any type of door frame and colors and also helps avoid a blocking effect which darker shades might create.

While you consider having these blinds, make sure that you hire an experienced professional for the same. You can also order these directly after giving the right measurements for the doors and selecting the blinds. Read to revamp your interiors with the classy blinds for plush French doors?
By Mamta Mule
Published: 12/27/2010
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