Friendship blames.

When you think a distant friendship couldn't work and you block all your friendly emotion but mysteriously it strikes in a way that gladly pierce your heart, wouldn't you keep it to your next life if chanced to?
I block out the reality,
For the first time, it was working,
Suddenly you attack me with a bunch of care melting my heart,
Telling me our friendship means everything to you,
And that you're not a careless talker.

I followed my heart to be with you: "you said",
BUT don't let me......
Don't let you what?
Say it baby, coz my heart is prepared for the worst,
Go ahead break me.

Mysterious, that day was,
Should I be happy that for once you cared?
How far did you journey?
How much do you care?
I bet it's from here to the moon and back.

Now I know what kind of friend you are,
Tell me am I not good enough?
What kind am I?
If am so bad, I'm sorry.

I told you all the truth,
I won't say it again except this once,

Sorry I push you to the extend,
I thought you wouldn't care,
A coward that's how you see me,
But we all have the same care,
And i thought you should know,
I CHOSE YOU and if there be choices
in my next life,
Still i will choose you as my only true frien
Published: 12/14/2016
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