Friendship Poems

Friendship is the relationship that we get to choose and exercise on our will. A friend is our confidante, guide, and unfaltering partner in crime. Friends are people who have the right to slap us when we go wrong. So, here are some beautiful compositions on this sacred relationship and for people who change our lives for the better everyday.
Blue Sky
A poem to bring peace to a friend.
A Priestly Journey
I see Jesus in You. This poem is dedicated to my new-found Christian friend Emmanuel.
Friendship blames.
When you think a distant friendship couldn't work and you block all your friendly emotion but mysteriously it strikes in a way that gladly pierce your heart, wouldn't you keep it to your next life if chanced to?
Watching The World Go By
Reminiscing old friends and loves.
John's Ballad
A story of friendship.
My Good Friend
You will be missed.
Old Friends
This one's a bit of a reminisce.
Miss Lady Solitude
We all long for a friend.
I'm With You (Part 2)
A letter to a friend who had left 11 years ago.
I'm With You (Part 1)
A letter to a friend who had left 11 years ago.
Friendship That Throbs
For my three girlfriends, Liv, Liz, and Pat. You really are so wonderful in different ways since you came into my life. I thank God for you and I write this piece to show how much I cherish the moments I spent with you.
We Are Two Worlds Apart
The end of what was...
Dearest Friend
For a friend who is going though some tough times.
True and Real Friends
Outai - Where Are You?
To my dear friend, my brother, and all my life.
It's about backstabbing in friendship and that the protagonist is broken from inside, but still she survives these hardships!!
Mona, My Bestie
This is to my bestest friend in the whole entire world.
Behind Your Smile
This is dedicated to a friend of mine, who has been acting like James Bond lately. To you, reading this now and also to everybody out there who hide their pain away, refusing to cry out for help.
The Idol I Am Indebted To
There comes a time in life when we have to let go of things that mattered most to us and allow fate to play. Dedicated to my friends Uduak Paul Friday, Pau Odogwu J, Aham Christy,Akpan Udoh Gabriel Sandra and you. I'm gonna miss you.
I'm Hard on Friends
Living and Friendship.
A Friendship So True
This poem is an exceptional piece that I have written to every single person I have befriended! Hope you enjoy it!
Once an Innocent
This poem is about a friend of mine... who changed... a lot. I look at her and wonder where the innocence I knew went. Dedicated to all those who had to change in order to be stronger for this life. Hope you like it! Please comment...
Me and Her
This poem is dedicated to my best friend.
Friends Till the End!
To one of my BFF and how I feel!
Moments Shared with You
Basically, it's about the moments shared with my friend for our writing tasks. But, anyone who had ever fallen in love can connect with this.
Night Thoughts
Thoughts before sleep...
For Love of Friendship
A poem of awaiting friendship to turn to love and landing on same pages.
A Bond from Across the Pond
A poem of distant loyal friendship kept by bond and promise of a long-awaited reunion.
Total Friendship
My definition of friends. This one is for my best friend - Faith Ayo-Ajayi.
Our Friendship
This poem is dedicated to everyone who misses their friends.
Making Friends!
A poem for students moving schools and having to make new friends.
Since When?
We all have that one person in our life that once meant everything to us and suddenly changes and leaves us without any answers.
Broken Friendships
Friendship situation that I just want to let go of, leave it behind. There is too much drama, too much confusion and if they were true friends, I wouldn't have to prove things that are visibly clear.
How To Go Back
Friendships are hard to restore. Read it and please comment on it, see what you think.
That's Just Reality
We used to be so close.
Three True Words... I Love You
Dedicated to my best friend.
Life Destroyer
Just telling the truth of how people really are.
'Best Friend' - Shh... That's a Lie
When the person you less thought is the one that can ruin your entire world.
You Called Her...
This poem is about not judging people who you don't know, and how your friends may not be how they seem to be. I'd really appreciate comments.
The Friend Snatcher
I have just recently started writing poems. I'd love to hear what you think. This one is a true poem about a friend snatcher I know.
Our Future
It just kinda came to me....
End of the Day
We've reached the end. The sun sets on our friendship and we walk away, on our separate ways. Just never thought it'd end like THIS... Hope you like it, dear readers! ;)
Fading Friendship
I just have a feeling it's going nowhere. I stayed here, through thick and thin... but it seems we got in a rut and the only way out is through separate ways... on our own. Hope you like it.
Fate's Choice
It seems like everything is against us. And I can't help but see both sides... or think that may be, it's better this way... I don't know... Hope you like!
Lifelong Friend
My best friend... best friend doesn't go to describe it. My twin, my sister, my friend, my trust, my heart, my life, my soul, my purpose for life... however you would like to take it. Well... I'm losing her....
Priceless Memories
A friendship, my longest, is fading away... no matter if we're right next to each other... the distance is too great, and memories can only attempt to fill it. Hope you like it!
Wanting to Forgive
I got in a major fight with one of my closest friends... and as much as I want to run to her and forgive her. I know getting close to her will only bring more pain. She's untrustworthy...
A Friend is Someone You Trust
Confused about what a friend is! After some thought, this is the result.
Be My Friend
I wrote this some time ago. At that time I felt like everyone expected me to do the best and to be invincible... and if I tried to say I needed help, no one ever came. At the time I needed a friend, but she had her own problems......
Protect You
I feel like, I can't stop my friend from getting hurt... I can only stand in the sidelines, attempt to give advice but... what do I know? Right? Hope you like it!
My Friend. She's my twin! And she's freaking awesome at poems! Way better than me! You should totally check her out! Ali Stoddard! Thank you!
Let Our Friendship Fly
My twin and I were walking along and what do you know? A dead butterfly! As soon as I saw it, I compared it to the two of us, and we both snapped off a wing to keep. Both wrote a poem about it. If you would like to see hers look up...
Torn Apart
My friend and I got into a major fight... our first fight ever... lasting for months, although it seemed like years... and it was all my fault. If only I would have opened up, and not have gotten this stupid cancer... If only I...
Butterfly Wing
My friendship is amazing to me. And I want it to be like a butterfly wing... beautiful and eternal. If only dreams were reality. ♥ Hope you like it!
Save Me, My Friend
I have a friend, more like a sister, but altogether my twin. We have been inseparable since kindergarten, and we are attempting our first year of high school. Everything is falling apart right before my eyes, and I would have no...
Ever After Friendship
A poem my friend (An author here on Buzzle, Ali Stoddard, Read her stuff!! She's freaking awesome) wrote. She thinks that it sucks and that it needs to be fixed by me! Yeah right, like I'm gonna go and ruin a perfect poem... So, you...
It's about one of my friends... someone I can barely live without... who I'm gonna have to leave soon enough. Poem probably doesn't make sense, but it's how I feel. Hope you like! (:
Watch Your Words
I wrote this about my friend, though I won't tell who. This friend of mine is the most cheerful person you will ever meet. She likes almost everybody, and if she doesn't, she fakes it. She is stronger than I could ever be, but...
Emily's Smile
Okay, I wrote this about probably the most important person in the world to me. I could go on to describe her, but she would sound just like your best friend, and I've written another poem about her on Buzzle as well. She will...
My Friend, Alissa
Just to get on my friend's nerves! =) Just a funny little poem with no real point to it... it's just hilarious! No (basically) none of it is true... my friend doesn't eat raccoon fur, nor does she shove books up her nose... but she...
My True Friend
A poem about what a true friend is. A solid friendship which cannot be intimidated by any circumstances. A friendship that remains no matter what happens.
Thank You
This poem is dedicated to my friend on her 14th birthday. She deserves this :)
Drifted Off
A little something I wrote when I was starting to realize that my friendship group was drifting apart into their own spaces.
Emily (My Best Friend)
I wrote this poem about one of my best... okay I wrote this poem about my only true friend. She is more like a sister than a friend, and more like a twin than just a sister. She has always been there for me and I can't imagine life...
What Happened?
I dedicate this to my "best friend."
Forever Friends
What can I say.
I Remember
This is for mickell. I don't think you truly understood how much you mean to me...
A poem I wrote some time ago, it's about a time when I felt like I was losing my best friend. Dedicated to all those who've met they're BESTIE who they can't live without. ♥
Couldn't Save You
Well, I'm back, but Burns heart is broken. So, this is the only thing I could come up with.
In The End
My best friend and I hit each other all the time. Most of the time we don't mean it, it's just a play hit. But, I made this poem.
My Best Friend
This poem is about how much I love my best friend and appreciate him because he has always been there for me.. (P.G.) (:
My Friend, Thanks to You!
Being grateful to a friend...
The World Around Me Goes On
I wrote this in 2009-2010 when i was a freshman in high school on what happened in middle school.
In Memory of my Bff Julianna
i wrote this after i found out my bff Julianna committed suicide and I read this at her funeral/memorial.
To Keep You Alive
I wrote this about this guy that use to be my best friend. I wrote a lot of things about him and how I want to save him and this is one of them. Please tell me what you think because he'll never see it.
Best Friends Forever?
A short poem I made that i would like to share :) This is my first buzzle post so I am excited :)
My Little Yorkshire Rose
This poem is for a very good friend.
Why Can't This Be Easy?
Just a poem I randomly felt like writing.. it kinda explains what I feel for an old friend of mine.
Would You
Just a poem about life and all the crap, and friends in it. By Bobbie Peoples. Let me know what you think.
True Friends
My friends were there when I needed them and this is how I felt.
Potato Pipz
Potato Pipz is a group of friends bonded by love.
My colleague at work.
Poem for my friend. Wrote 11-18-10 12:00 pm.
Part-Time Friend
True for just about anyone that says they "love" me. Hypocrites, my friends.
My Best Friends!
What best friends should be!
A Friend!
For the bad and sorrowful times in my all friend's lives, I am there if you need me!
"Best Friend"
I finally realize view me as a person...
True Friendship Is What We Have
This is about the essence of our friendship. That even we are all have different individuals and have different interest and personalities we still believe that our friendship is real. And even though we don't see and speak each...
Not In Love
Just a little poem about a certain guy :$
Rest in Peace
For my best friend Ashleigh. June 1997- august 2009.
My Friend
You're the only one who has been here, and your amazing help :) Thank you.
My Friends
This how i describe my friends.
A Friend Lost
I've lost a friend and all just came out of hand and now I'm friendless... who can be a friend?
My Everlasting Sleep
I wrote this poem shortly after my best friend killed himself R.I.P Jason.
Goodbye my friend!
The feeling of losing a friend to an accident. You not being able to say goodbye. Not being able to understand why.
I Love You, Friend
Comments are appreciated!
My Friend, Mr Blade
A little something I thought about after reading the book Red Tears..It's a great book highly recommended.
Tantalizing Circles
The guy best friend who'd never let you fall.
For my best friends - Jain nd Gahlot...Always for u...
A Circle of Friends
A sad expression of close friends growing apart.
Fighting of Friends
How the fighting amongst friends feels to the one witnessing the act.
What You Did
Hope u like it I was in a fight with a friend when I wrote this plz tell me what you think of it thx you.
My First Best Friend
The first poem from the author of Curveball and Fire and Ice.
A Little Glad
The struggles of friendship.
Uphill Both Ways
A poem about the struggles of a friend.
Little Friend
A new poem. About life and loss and minds and things.
The Parting
Friendships do fall.
5 Amazing Runners and Best Friends(:
Bailey should read this!
P.S's about a guy who was my best friend... at least that's what I thought...but he was lying to my face in many stuff....that was important & it hurts knowing this from some1 else....
Let Him Go
This poem is about a friend who's boyfriend breaks up with her for you. But your friend gets mad. Hope you enjoy it. Comment! JUST NOTHING MEAN!!!!
Please Smile, for Me
For a good friend......boy, please........just smile..Please comment
Best Friend
<333333333 Comment please.
I Try To Be Friends
My Best Friend
It's probably not what you think.
Good Friend We Meet Again
Its from my other profile.
Forever, My Friend
With time moving on, and our planned future becoming the present Childhood friends are splitting to go their own ways. Saying goodbye to such a large influence is leaving my vulnerable.
You'll Always Remain...
About my best friend..miss her a lot!!
My Shining Star
Well this would be my 100th set of lyrics that I have created and it's a dedication to my friends, family, the Buzzle readers, fans (if any) that it wouldn't of happened without you. lol well enjoy :)
I wish I had a friend like this.....and I'm still searching ......
My Good Friend
Not about what u think so read and find out comments are welcomed thanks.
You're Always There
This is about one of my good and new friend "April Jazmine".
Just Friends
This was a true story until we went out and then we wee gonna "still be friends" until he turned into a MAJOR poser!
Trust, friendship, shattered...
A Friend In Need!
Friends! Nothing more to be said...
Best Friend For Life
I am soon to be leaving my school, my friend will be going into College and I am Stuck on what to do. Before I left to pursue my own life I wanted to show my friends how much they mean to me so here is the tribute :D
This is about how someone can treat their 'friend' so horribly but that still friend cherishes their friendship.. Please comment.
Where Have You Gone
What is true friendship let me know.
Cheer Up, Friend!!!
FOR TASTE BUDS' EARS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To Kristina:
She was my best friend for 3 years.. now she’s---- not.
My Long Lost Friend
Friendships are meant to last.. but some are lost
Goodbye To You
Friendships thrown away at the toss of a coin.. heads or tails?
Friends <3
Plz comment
Sinister World
About two defective friends....
Admiration's Voice
All about a true friend.......
A single day never passed that you didn't make me cry
Stolen By The Gods
For a friend...
Will You Forgive Me?
About my friend...self-explanatory.
True Friendship It's Out There
About friends and true friends...
A poem I wrote asking a friend if they're going to leave me to die or save me…
Farewells Of The Mind
I wrote this about a friend when she kind of pushed me away...
He is Her Hero
A young man saves her, from herself. But whatever…this is my first.
A Lost Soul
Me when I felt I had no friends and no one to turn to...
Not Enough Time
My friend's mom died Feb, 25, 2008 at the hospital after struggling with cancer and having a car accident. I hope everything works out for you. Please comment.
The Timeless Shine Of A Childish Heart
This is refers to two of my friends that I had felt very betrayed by. Give me some feed back.
In Memory Of You (My Best Friend)
This poem is in memory of a friend I've lost close to a year ago, in a fatal car accident! It took me everything to write this so please comment when you're done reading...
For The Night Is Young (Poem About Imminent HeartBreak)
It's about a guy that knows his relationship is too good to be true and the truth finally hits him at a get together at a friends house enjoy...
Pride Inside
I wrote this for a friend. He has even read it, but his pride keeps him from seeing it's about him.
My Goddess
This was written for a very special friend of mine.
The truth behind a friend...
A Monster's Thoughts
My own thoughts after she cheated on me for my own friend. These are the thoughts of a monster created from a seed of hatred.....
That is my friend?
True friend is rare to find...
Sea And Seashore
Sea is friendly when it is calm…
This is a poem I’ve made in English class about the relationship between two friends.... I know it might not be my best but I like it still!!
Genuine Friendship
All about real friends...
~LoVe i$ dEaTh~
It conveys through my sweeties friend about love…
A Tainted Poison We Call Love...
To my friend Curits...
Pain Without Love
For my best friend Curtis whose girlfriend is ripping is heart into with nothing but words...
My friend...
True Friends No Matter What
A poem written about two true friends who came back together after couple years, even though one friend leaves after. This poem is all about the story of 2 true friends...
I Miss You
It’s a poem about my girlfriend and being apart…
Broken Into Pieces
I wrote this as my first poem right after my ex-girlfriend cheated on me for my own friend. This broke me to pieces. I try to show the terror you go through in cheating with words.
My best friend........
There is a miracle called in friendship...
My friendship with you is forever......
Sitting out in the garden in reverie...
I'm His friend
He has friends now.
My internet friend.........
Sitting in front of my computer...
The Loss Of A True Friend
A poem I wrote…I’ve lost a true friend…
Will my wish come true?.....
Ever since I met you, we lived like friends...
The Fate Of Friendship
Does our friendship hurt that much...
Lost Love..
It's about losing a boyfriend...
Fake Friends
It’s about losing your best friend…
My internet love.........
There are so many friends come and go...
If You Want
Just to tell you people I did not at all write this. My friend Seth wrote this and so I decided to let the rest of the world read his work because I think it is good…
Friend Or Foe
Who are you truly on the inside…
My Angel
I wrote this for my friend Justin because his sadness makes me cry and how he thinks so low of himself and others, and how I wish an angel would grant me his wish and help him...
F**k you Justin Hanuse
How much I hate this old friend…
You Were Always There
A poem written for a lost best friend that was always there for me when I needed him...
To A Unforgettable Best friend
To a best friend you never want to lose and that you don't want to forget!!
Your Name
My boyfriend's name is the key to my heart!
Would you?
A boyfriend's last thought before...
Turning out the lights
Once was a friend now a bitter Foe…