From spring to Winter I love you

About a friend...
Our time together has been short
Like from winter to spring
Something to enjoy and to laugh about
With the memories we have
We could fill a book and tell tales
That would bring tears
Our love is like a summer morning full of passion and warmth
Our tears are what poets cry about
It’s me and you and us alone
Nothing can stand between us
We have the friendship people dream about
We are one and one we are
To parts of the same soul, the same dream
We make the night and break the day
Your laughter chases away the clouds
For years our laughter could be heard
But then one it stopped, dead silence entered the heart
I still remembering looking down and seeing my hands
Covered in your blood
And I still taste my tears on my tongue as I cry
And watched you die in my arms
I was frozen inside and out
And in that moment I felt your heart stop
My heart died when you died I am became cold
The laughter lost from my heart, my soul cold as the night.
No longer could I laugh I died the day you died
Every night I wake up screaming with the memory of your blood
It covers my walls, tonight is the day you died and it’s the day I died
My blood flows around me entwining with yours, a dull sounds breaks the silence
As blood drips from my fingers tips onto the floor and onto the knife.
I am no longer gone, I am no longer alone I am with you and together we die together.
Published: 8/22/2008
Bouquets and Brickbats