From the Author of 'Being Beautiful'

Hi babies!
Hi you guys. I am so very terribly sorry about not being able to complete my story. It is that I have been really busy, but the other thing is that my flash drive choked up on me and it will not open when I put it into the computer, so I'm not sure what to do. It had all of my information on Being Beautiful and the chapters that I was going to upload it. I've lost the whole story and it's very distraughtful. Hopefully, I can get it working again, but the odds are like so against me.

I've read the comments on the previous chapter and one of them was talking about me losing fans. That literally hurt my feelings because,
1 - If you were my fan, you'd never leave my side because of something stupid as this.
2 - I know that I haven't posted in over a month, but that doesn't mean I don't ever STOP thinking about this website.
3 - If you weren't my fan, why would you comment?

I love you guys so much because you've always been there. I hate to not write 'Being Beautiful' because hands down, that was my favorite story. And you guys helping me have added so much more to this.

I was thinking about starting another story. I have a great idea in mind, but I'm not sure if you guys would want me to write another one without finishing 'Being Beautiful', so I was going to start it and then if I got my flash drive to open back up, then I would start to post more 'Being Beautiful'. If you don't want me to do that, then say so, but if you're my fan no matter what, let me know! Tell me how you feel about this. I love to communicate with you guys so much.

You still wanna get to know me?
Instagram & Kik Name: briana_okkk

I really want you guys to tell me how you feel whether that means cursing at me, talking to me in caps, or just talking to me calmly because I write for you guys. I love you all. You're my babies.
Would you read my other story if I upload it?
I would 'cause you're the best.
You still suck.
Published: 12/17/2012
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