From The Bad Guy's POV (2)

Second chapter at your service! (Picture is of Azuro's victim - pretty, huh?)
I have to admit, I'm quite disappointed.

I keep telling myself over and over not to get my hopes up.

I sincerely hoped the caller had friends over or even owned a pet.

I know I'm greedy - so what?

Right now, it's in the middle of the night and I'm inside a small house, which is surrounded by many other houses. If I could, I'd take everyone in this neighborhood with a flick of my finger. Unfortunately, there are limits when it comes to my job. I don't have access anywhere else, unless my caller runs to another building - which immediately puts the people's lives there in danger. My targeted soul is like a golden key: it takes me wherever I want. I have used this opportunity in the past to chase my caller onto others for help, where I could try and squeeze large groups of people together using my targeted soul as bait.

However, there is a risk if there are far too many people because only once - just once - did someone manage to escape and capture footage of me. I've gotten into serious trouble and I was threatened to die by my companions, as I so kindly christened them.

Anyway, enough about them! It's time to tame my hunger.

There aren't very many rooms from the looks of things. As soon as I entered the house, there was a staircase leading all the way to the top. Everything is dark and silent. I've checked the other rooms; the kitchen, the dining room, and a room that leads to the basement.


Soon, I make my way to the top of the stairs where there is a room across from me. I can hear the soft sound of snoring and I can practically see the glow of my caller's soul. There are two other rooms adjacent to the one that captures my attention. I check them out quickly, just in case there are some sneaky souls hidden anywhere. It turns out one is an empty bedroom and the other is a dirty bathroom. All clear.

I enter the room my caller lies in. It's a small room with only a window and a big desk for company. There is a single bed which the tasty soul relaxes upon, enticing me. I can make out the flow of long hair framed on a hard pillow and the movement of my caller as she breathes gently. I edge closer to the bed and take a closer look at her.

From what I can make out, she's got a light complexion, a long, curvy nose and thick, curly eyelashes. Her lips are parted slightly as she snores. I'm surprised by her delicate features. She seems around twenty, maybe in her mid-twenties at the very least. I have to admit, I find it very pleasing when a beautiful woman calls for me.

The moonlight shines through the window and I catch a glimpse of something silvery, almost, in her chin. I reach out to wipe it away and realize it's her drool. A snigger escapes from me.

Then she wakes up.

She's looking at me.

Her eyes are wide with horror.

I'm dangerously handsome.

"Hello," I whisper. Before I can reach out to stroke her hair, she's already out of the bed and screaming. She stumbles on her bed sheets as she pulls them down with her. I watch in amusement and calmly walk over to her to help untangle her. However, she's escaped from her trap and quickly chucks the bed sheet at me, causing it to block my vision. I pull the sheet off me and throw it on the floor, just in time to see her open the bedroom door and dashing down the stairs.

I see we're going to play a little game of chase. This keeps getting better.

"You can run, but you can't hide!" I yell out to her. I've heard that saying plenty of times before and I absolutely love it, as opposed to Sakurah who absolutely detests it - probably why I like saying it so much.

I glide down the stairs and I can see my precious caller frantically trying to open the door. It's useless, really. Plenty have tried so in the past to no avail - one of the benefits of being a top-medium dark entity. I can manipulate your key because you're my key. Soon, my caller notices me approaching her and she screams again. I hope some neighbors hear her and attempt to foolishly help her. The more the merrier! (Yet another phrase that Sakurah hates - which is why I simply have to love it).

My caller runs away from the door and sprints to the basement. I sort of hoped she'd corner herself in her small kitchen, considering that I'm just so hungry and I kind of want her to give up. As much as I was looking forward to the chase, the amount of energy I'm wasting just to glide is wearing me thin. I'm going to revert to a lower stage of my rank if I'm not careful.

She shuts the basement door, safely on the other side for now. I try to open the door, but it's firmly locked. I let out a heavy sigh. Normally, I'm usually up for these games but today, after waiting nearly two whole months just for some solid food, I'm just not in the mood for this. "Open up!" I shout at her as I bang the door. I can hear a stifled scream.

I gather all the energy within me to go through the door. Once again, that's another advantage that comes with my current position. Hopefully, I don't lose that skill. It takes quite a while for me to absorb into the door and come out in one piece, but I'm eventually inside the cool basement. I hate cool places; the hotter the better. Heat energy gives me a little boost, kind of like a snack - but I do prefer the real stuff. The humans. My meal.

Speaking of my meal, she is hiding behind a bookshelf. There is no point in hiding from me because, once you say the finishing words of the ritual, your soul is tied to me. I will know your every movement because, like I said before, your soul will shine like a glorious torch and lead me directly to you. For my entertainment, I decide to play dumb and look around, calling for her. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" (Do I need to point out every cliché phrase Sakurah hates and which I love?)

I have to admit, my caller is fantastic at staying still. I can't even hear her breathing. I want to play with her a bit longer, but my hunger and thirst is getting the better of me. I guess before the game ends, I'll get her hopes so high up that it comes crushing down. Yeah, why not? I usually love that little tactic.

And so I disappear away, appearing clueless, when I'm really absorbing into the walls and edging closer to the bookshelf. I make my way all the way to where she is crouching down with her back against the shelf and her shoulder angled towards the wall. I come out of the wall quietly and blend into the shadows. She seems to be crossing her fingers tightly, almost looking like she's praying - which is useless, of course. Prayers don't affect me.

I'm behind her now.

She's clearer than ever.

Her hair is messy and falls down her back in harsh waves. Her eyes are wide and glazed with terror. She's holding a pale, shaky hand to her mouth as if to stop herself from making the slightest sound. Her chest slowly rises up and down, seeming as if she's struggling to maintain her breathing. Other than that, she's as still as a statue.

I move closer to her until I can feel the heat from her body. My head is near her thin neck and, for a moment, I let out a breath. Her posture subtly straightens, as if she senses something isn't right. Encouraged by this, I continue to breathe down her neck, deliberately sending cool waves to shoot through her body, hoping to paralyze her soon. It depends on how long it will take due to the amount of energy I've wasted just by going through the basement door and sinking into the walls.

She's about to shoot up, but I wrap an arm around her waist, preventing her from moving. She's scared. Terrified. Angry. Upset. I'm already gathering the negative powers from her to use them against her. If she doesn't get paralyzed soon, I'll at least stun her. She's far too weak to attack me now.

"Surprised to see me, chicka?" I ask softly as I laugh at her misery. It's one of the joys of doing this. I get to watch people suffer. I get to be the last thing they see before they die. I get to destroy their hopes and dreams with the palm of my hand. Most of all, I get to make them regret calling for me and wishing they could have a second chance.

But that's just life, isn't it? You don't get a second chance. Not when it comes to me.

"Please don't kill me..." Her words come out in a low, cracked voice. She's closing her eyes, refusing to meet my gaze. She's still attempting to move but it's obvious that I'm sucking away her strength. I'm becoming stronger by the second as she's becoming lighter in my hold.

I tilt her head so that she can look at me. Her eyes flutter open and she instantly shoots them down - making it plainly obvious that she doesn't want to look at me, even for a second. This kind of attitude just sucks away the fun.

"Why not?" I ask her with a sneer. I place a hand over her heart. It won't be long before her soul leaves her body.

"Be-because..." She stammers for a second. She must have felt her soul shift. Suddenly, she snaps her eyes open and stares at me with a fiery look. Judging by the way she's looking at me, I can tell that the fun probably won't last any longer and, if I'm not careful, I might just lose my meal.

This only encouraged me to quicken the soul-snatching process.

What she said next stopped me.

"Because... because I'm your daughter!"
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Published: 10/29/2014
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