From The Lord I Come

Yearning to be in his presence.
Wealthy or not, I belong to you,
Healthy or ill, I owe you my life,
Help me live for today,
Completely in your presence.

Today is only enough,
If your mercy shine on me,
In your presence, am not afraid,
No situation or illness of any kind threaten me.

I cast my worries on you,
Help me love while I still live,
Thank you for my many sorrows,
They strengthen me and draw me close.

If only am to live,
Let it be in your presence,
If am to live without you,
Then I'm not afraid to die.

From the many things,
You're willing to give me,
Grant that I live in your presence,
Help me live for today,
At the feet of your mercy.

For you, I live,
From you, I have come,
And to you, I will go,
Today is only enough,
If am in your presence.
Published: 8/16/2016
Bouquets and Brickbats