Frozen Time

Time stolen.
I sit here looking fondly at the picture of us
On that sunny day when you proposed to me
The happiest day life was short
Running late

Running of late time
I wished I had said goodbye or told you how much I loved you
I never got the chance to say those words
My wedding day ended in tears and blood

I hold you in my arms as you die
All through the pain you still smile, telling me it will be okay
But I'm the one who should have been telling you it is okay
But instead as you lay there dying you use your last breath to tell me

That everything will be okay and how much you love and wish to see our child grow
But as you close your eyes, with the room silent
I know you will have a chance to see our son grow up
As they come rushing through the doors
I whisper in your ear and tell you I love you.
Published: 12/21/2009
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