Funny Cartoons

Get ready for a bout of laughter with these amazing funny cartoons.
Story Minute: "Sleep Talker"
Sleep talker cartoon
Her new husband talked in his sleep.
Dodgeball cartoon
Cartoon about life in schools.
the K Chronicles: Death
Punk rock cartoon
Keef stares it down.
(th)ink: DOMA DOA
(th)ink: DOMA DOA
Hurrah! (Kind of)
(th)ink: "Knock-Knock"
(th)ink: Knock-Knock
Killer knock-knock joke.
You Gotta Love Multiple Choice Tests!
multiple choice test cartoon
Cartoon about life in school.
I... Teach
What teachers do - cartoon
Cartoon about life in school.
Story Minute: "Judgment Days"
Judgment day cartoon
He was constantly commenting on women’s looks. You’re way too heavy in the udders.
the K Chronicles: "20-Year Anniversary!"
K Chronicles 20 Year Anniversary
The strip almost old enough to drink!
Who's Better? Rich People Vs. Babies
Rich people go head to head with babies to find out who's better.
Story Minute: "Reflected Glory"
An unusual woman finds satisfaction in a circus fun house.
Story Minute: "Go Man Go"
A man is afraid something bad will happen to him if he doesn't keep moving.
Story Minute: "Dishing Dirt"
A woman receives clues to famous crimes while doing her household chores.
Story Minute: "Evil Clowns"
A portrait painter gets a dangerous assignment -- painting clowns.
(th)ink: Saint Eroids
..for St. Nick.
the K Chronicles: Studio Tour
Keef is living the dream.
Story Minute: "No One's Ark"
A scientist plays God. What could go wrong?
StoryMinute: "Magic Bullet"
A woman creates a diet pill that lets people eat all they want, with disastrous consequences.
Sorry Minute: "Life of Riley"
A handyman gets a sweet deal when he hires himself out as "Husband for a Day."
(th)ink: Dog-eyed View
Dogs see better than us.
Sorry Minute: "Emote Control"
A man who has never loved would love to know what love feels like.
Story Minute: "Beauty"
An itinerant portrait painter finds the perfect subjects, but they don't want to be painted.
Story Minute: "Pet Peeve"
A woman takes her troubled cat to a pet psychic to find out what's wrong.
(th)ink: The Last Word
..on Sharpie-gate.
Story Minute: "The Name Game"
Parents let a boy choose his own name.
the K Chronicles: Vice Mayor
Keef visits the in-laws in Germany.
Story Minute: "Recycled"
A rich man goes broke chasing new things.
Family Tree
Family Tree
Springtime in Minnesota
A funny cartoon about Minnesota.
Story Minute: "Tall Tale"
A very tall man decides short people have no reason to outlive him.
the K Chronicles: Errant Package
The misadventures of Keef and the post office.
the K Chronicles: MOCCA NYC
Keef visits Hell's Kitchen!
(th)ink: Jesus!
..goes to college!
Cafe Le Chien
A cartoon about a doggy cafe.
Girl's Trip
A cartoon about a mom's vacation.
the K Chronicles: Languages
Music to Keef's ears.
Story Minute: "Box Boys"
It's a fight to the finish that never ends.
Funny cartoon about being old.
Funny cartoon about school.
Spring Break
Funny cartoon about winter.
Story Minute: "The One-Up Man"
A young woman is vexed by a friend who always needs to be better in all ways.
Story Minute: "Backup"
A young woman finds security in having two of everything.
A cartoon about fitness.
A cartoon about fitness.
Funny cartoon about aging.
Story Minute: "Monkey Do"
An infinite number of monkeys at typewriters, compete at completing a Shakespeare play.
the K Chronicles: T.V. Pilot
Keef shoots his TV Pilot!
Story Minute: Baggage Claim
A man keep seeing an interesting piece of luggage wherever he goes.
Cartoon about winter.
Cartoon about beauty.
Funny cartoon about teaching.
Funny Cartoon about Bank Robbery.
David Anderson Vs. Goliath
Cartoon about snow.
the K Chronicles: Godzilla
Keef brings his children to bars.
Cartoon about weight gain.
Cartoon about Halloween.
A Mystery Solved
Funny cartoon about parenting.
Orbit Time
Funny cartoon about space.
Class Rules
Cartoon about life in school.
Cartoon about dating.
Cartoon about grandmas.
the K Chronicles: #ww84
Keef visits a film set.
Old Friend
Cartoon about the World Cup.
the K Chronicles: Rich Stuff
Stuff you don't have!
Put Your Foot Down
Cartoon about love.
Cartoon about Prison.
Space Force
Cartoon about Space Force.
Funny funeral cartoon.
When I was your Age
Cartoon about elephants.
Small Package
Funny cartoon about men.
(th)ink: Trump Head
Take your pick!
Sky's the Limit
Cartoon about pollution.
Cartoon about parenting.
(th)ink: BBQing Solo
Even Donald Glover isn't immune...
Sleeping Beauty 2.0
Cartoon about Generation Z.
Cartoon about house hunting.
the K Chronicles: Hawkish
Keef finds strangers in his driveway.
Found God
Cartoon about dying.
Sick Day 2
Cartoon about being sick.
the K Chronicles: Single Parent
Keef is a solo parent for a spell.
the K Chronicles: Le Poop
Ahhh.. Gay Paris!
the K Chronicles: Date Knight
Happy Valentines Week!
Cartoon about torture.
Cartoon about parenting.
(th)ink: Animatronic Donald
Just like the real thing, kept it golfs less!
Cartoon about health insurance.
the K Chronicles: The New Kaiju
The power of the vacuum cleaner!
The K Chronicles: That Time of Year Again
The truth about your favorite holiday drink.
(th)ink: Pineapples
More insightful commentary.
Some Woman
Cartoon about pregnancy.
the K Chronicles: The 4-year-old
Almost makes it all worth it!
Escape Hatch
Cartoon about life in school.
Cartoon about plastic surgery.
Cartoon about pilots.
I Told You So
cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Armed with a Smartphone
Coming to you an intersection near you!
Under Construction
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Too-Friendly Skies
Keef gets felt-up in the air!
(th)ink: Cat Pinata
A cat explains.
Cartoon about pets.
K Chronicles: Phase 7
Daddy explains.
(th)ink: Ringling Bros.
An old one ends and a new one begins!
A Higher Plane
Cartoon about meditation.
the K Chronicles: At the Movies
Keef takes his wife to the movies!
Is It Too Late
Cartoon about 2017.
Calendar for Sale
Blackboard Daze Calendar for Sale.
Wishful Thinking
Cartoon about beauty.
Check Out
Cartoon about life in school.
Forgotten Lunch
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Mission Accomplished
Fly that flag in Tr(i)ump(h)!
Cartoon about life in school.
Alternative Energy
Cartoon about life in school.
Naughty Words
Cartoon about parenting.
Cartoon about life in school.
Cartoon about life in school.
Easter Island
A cartoon about Easter Island.
(th)ink: New Tactic
Police try a new tactic...
Cartoon about life in school.
Mad Cat
A cartoon about cats.
Back to School Slogans
Cartoon about life in school.
Hang Up
Cartoon about falling in love.
Cartoon about parenting.
Pick Me!
Cartoon about life in school.
The Romantic Type
Cartoon about overdue bills.
The Negotiation
Cartoon about life in school.
Before Cellphones
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: 2 Catch A Cat
Keef's 8-year-old goes a-huntin'...
The Car Accident
Cartoon about car accidents.
Hey U
Hey, U! I want to be the hottest woman in the world! Yes, and you will pay dearly. How much do you want? I want for nothing. But still, you must pay to achieve greatness. Yeah? What? That would be telling. I’m sure it’ll be totally...
40 Years
Huh. Gary and some guy I never met – yeah, not Kim, he came later – started a comics empire 40 years ago! Or did I meet whathisname? Who knows? What was I doing at the time?
Story Minute: Sue Happy
In his youth, he was continually tormented by a bully. He would never forget that bully’s face…even after he rearranged it somewhat in an act of retaliation.
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Crowdfunding
...the old-fashioned way.
The Staff Lounge #2
Cartoon about life in school.
The Staff Lounge #1
Cartoon about life in school.
Story Minute: Wrong Move
The movers gave here someone else’s delivery by mistake. The furniture was quite nice so she decided to keep it all. Opening the boxes was very exciting…
Story Minute: Pygmaniac
The man was a modern day Henry Higgins. He liked to take in women in need and make them over. They always left looking fabulous and feeling great.
God Prime17 – You gave your history-altering pen to a human who wrote, "and everyone in the world lived happily ever after." Yes! And it worked! Too well, though.
(th)ink: Plastic
Coming soon!
the K Chronicles: Bag in my Bag
Keef coulda got bagged!
Fortune Teller
Cartoon about life in school.
A Lesson in Leadership
Cartoon about life in school.
The Problem Fairy
A parking ticket. Oh well. How can you be so cool about a ticket? You could get a mani-pedi for what that costs! It could’ve been worse. How so? You know The Problem Fairy? I’ve heard stories…
Cartoon about life in school.
No Signal
Funny cartoon about Rapunzel and cell phones.
The Deal
Cartoon about life in school.
Alchemical Reaction
The gold Diggers are turning everything they touch in to gold. We’re doomed. It’s unfair that particular 1% can ruin the world for the rest of us. So it goes….
Midas Touchy
So in a world where everyone has the Midas touch, who is the richest? The one with the most fingers! Oh yeah - your box. How’s she doing? No. The one who invented lead-lined gloves so we can eat without turning food into Gold.
The Midas Virus
Honey, look what I got in exchange for a bag of burgers! A gold statue of a slacker? That must be worth a fortune! How did that happen?
Stupid Questions
Cartoon about life in school.
Skipping Class
Cartoon about life in school.
Final Test
Cartoon about life in school.
The Gold Bug
Dude. Why are you wearing those big gloves? They look heavy. Again, why? Yeah, they’re lined with lead. Ever since I got an exotic cold, everything I touch turns to gold. Except your poetry.
Angry Old Birds
Have you noticed that whenever we, as single older women, encounter men of any age, they find a way to inject "my girlfriend" or "my wife," as if they need to put up a protective shield?
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Windy City Dash Cams
Chicago cops are on the case..
Winning By Losing
As we all know, every time someone makes a decision to do or say one thing rather than another, events generate a new universe, for good or ill. An infinite number of universes allows for an infinite number of ditto=verses, none of...
(th)ink: Fun Fact!
Drink it in!
The Invisibles in "Falling Stars"
Well, that was embarrassing. You have such a thin skin, Frank. I liked it. Louise, they fired us off the set! Those are famous actors doing our voices, and special effects doing our movements!
Opt Out
Cartoon about life in schools.
The Invisibles in "Dark Stars"
Frank! I found a way to make some money! I was spilling my guts to a woman I met in the coffee house, and it turns out she’s a screenwriter! How? She’ll pay us $10,000 to turn our story into a movie!
Another Duck
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Chill Nino
Winter in L.A.?
Survey Says
Cartoon about recent educational legislation. (No Child Left Behind)
(th)ink: Hot Xmas
Got everyone sweatin'!
2015 Recap, Personal Edition
I moved from a place too big… Hello… Hello… Hello… Hello… Hello… T o a place too small… Gnaaa… To a place just right… Aahhh…
Cartoon about life in school.
Unsealed Alien Files
Cartoon about TV shows.
In The Cards
Strolling on her luxurious grounds, the queen found a playing card. The Ace of Hearts - a good omen! I’ll go online to see who might not be playing with a full deck!
The Little Drubber Boy
I want! I want! I want! What is it you want, son? What do you care? You won’t get it for me anyway! You’re up, kid.
(th)ink: G(r)ifting
New this season...
Healthy Rivalry
Cartoon about football.
Wiz Dumb
At long last! We’ve fed it all the information in the world - ethics, reason, empathy. The human-computer-female-male hybrid demigod is ready to power on!
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles:
Why want a job you hate?
Thin Ice
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Arch-enemy
They're good for you!
Net Fix
I binge-watch old tv series while I work on comics. Reviews in 12 words or less…
Time Enough
Buy time on time. I want to live forever. Many people do. And I can’t afford to buy more time, so here’s what I’m gonna do.
Where Are You?
Cartoon about life in school.
Clothes Make The Woman
The soon-to-be new mom saw that a famous astronaut loved to dress up like a space traveler when she was a kid. She couldn’t wait for her child to play dress-up.
Middle School Memories: Halloween
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Martin Shkreli
Best Case Scenario.
The Horror
Mom! Mom! Ghost fingers are tapping on the roof! We’ll be okay, honey - The house will protect us.
Cartoon about life in school.
Story Minute: Big Bang
She was back-stitching her way through life. Each "new" morning was really the day before the one she’d just lived. Which was fabulous. She knew exactly what was going to happen that day.
Playground Pipe Dreams 1
Cartoon about life in school.
On to the rope, twist, jump, and hang!
How To Be Unhappy
The glass isn’t half-full or half-empty. It’s entirely empty. Mom, maybe an empty glass represents an opportunity to fill it with something good. Doom… Doom… Doom.
Ladies - You have 60 seconds to establish who is top dog here. Ready… Set… Go! I’m Prettier. I’m Smarter.
Cartoon about life in school.
Story Minute: Prison
He was sentenced to the crossword room. There was some hope for his eventual release, then. If he could complete all six puzzles, the code would spring open the walls.
The Raven
Cartoon about life in school.
The Joys of Moving - Again
Coming across absurd paint color names: Predictable… New Rustic… Hemlock… Bud… There’s an Aztec head outside the kitchen window.
First Day of School
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Beat Cops
Just doin' their job!
Story Minute: Laughing Academy
The kid never laughed. His parents read that humor helped people live longer and better.
Guilt Trip
Funny cartoon.
the K Chronicles: New Cafe
Keef is on a quest.
Sell Out
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Shakespeare
So that explains all the creative output...
(th)ink: Glaciers
Climate change? What is climate change?
the K Chronicles: Buggin' Out
Keef arrives in his new town of Chapel Hill!
Liar’s Club
And then I dove off the cliff, pulled the lady onto the beach, gave her C.P.R. and saved her life.
the K Chronicles: Grand Canyon!
Keef visits the Grand Canyon
Cartoon about kids.
the K Chronicles: Leaving L.A.
Keef sez goodbye to the west coast..
Baggage Claim
The man traveled to a lot of boring cities for his job.
Fame or Famine
Time Store - I have a coupon here for 15 minutes of fame. I want to use it now, so I can impress my blind date tonight.
California King
We need to get rid of L.A.’s Palm Trees. What?! Palm trees scream L.A. Yes, but they also make people scream when they drop razor-sharp fronds on people’s heads.
Bad News
What? Hell froze over. So? So all those thing that would happen, et cetera…? They’re all gonna happen now!
the K Chronicles: Klassic
Enjoy this classic!
Laugh Tracker
Why are sales for antidepressants plummeting along with our yearly mega-bonuses? There’s a woman with a highly infectious laugh. It’s downright musical.
Approval Rating
Cartoon about teacher approval ratings.
the K Chronicles: Weird Story
Overheard at the hotel bar...
I've Got This
Cartoon about new teachers.
All’s Well That Ends Well
Hey, Drub – Some guy has taken up residence in the old well. Is he a nice fellow? See for yourself.
Career Day 2
Cartoon about life in schools.
the K Chronicles: Found
Stuff Keef found since packing up to move...
Advice and Consent
Can I have some advice? I wouldn’t ask that if I were you. Why not?
Pandora Jr.
To: Pandora Jr. / From: Zeus – Don’t open that! Learn from my mistake, darling. This thing is probably filled with misery. But at least the old rascal left me hope at the bottom of mine.
(th)ink: Color Blind
Traffic Violation.
Portrait of an Ex-Neighbor
This is my Man Cave. A moment I wish I had videoed: Get back here! Giant mound of horse dung…
A graduation speech for teaching graduates.
the K Chronicles: L.A. Weekly
Ye Olde Gentleman Cartoonist is a most fascinating Angeleno!
The Great Escape
The young man I hired to pack and drive the truck was a vegan who had the hair and bearing of Jesus.
Story Minute: Sticker Shock
She parked in the same spot every day.
the K Chronicles: Cheap-Skate(board)
Keef breaks out an oldie but goodie...
Corporate Sponsor
Cartoon about life in school.
Lazy 8
Ms. Ball - you have all the answers, right? Then tell me = why did my neighbor drop a dead goat in my well?
Story Minute: Anticipatience
Soon after she left a place, disaster struck. House for Rent…
Hurry up jerk. C’mon – keep movin’!
The Urge To Purge
Moving gave her an opportunity to toss out old things.
Spring To Do List
Cartoon about life in schools.
the K Chronicles: All That Crack...
Keef recalls an interesting back and forth with an editor...
Driven To Therapy
My brother constantly sabotages me, but then he acts nice to me to stay in my will. That’s the trouble with having assets and no offspring.
the K Chronicles: My Droi--er Boys
Keef compares his brood to his favorite cinematic duo.
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: GOP Underminions
They think they're doing the job you elected them to do.
Time Store - Oh, timekeeper - I just had a wonderful time and I’d like to experience it again. Why? If you spend time repeating things, you take away time from other potential good times.
Back Story
Oh, timekeeper - I want to go back in time to correct a few things. No, you don’t. Why not?
the K Chronicles: Gourmet Chocolate San Francisco Airport.
the K Chronicles: Rob Lowe
...and Black Rob Lowe!
Cartoon about life in school.
Time Store
We have time to spare. See here. I’d like to buy some more time. How much you want?
Cartoon about life in school.
Seen But Not Believed
The Greek prophetess made accurate predictions. Vesuvius will explode in two weeks.
I'm with Stupid
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Boarding
One day at ye olde airport...
Believe It Or Just Believe It
Why would a handsome, respected, affable news anchor and family man tell a whopper about a chopper?
The Write Stuff
Her dream was to become a mystery writer. She read… she wrote… but before she got anywhere with it…
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Not Again
Nip in bud right now.
The Demonizer
Memory lane portraits - Ahem - Paint Lady. I’d like you to create a devastating portrait of the woman I’m divorcing.
Cartoon about life in school.
What the Hell
Welcome to hell! Stop saying that…
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Your Tax Dollars At Work
From the ground in Idaho.
Cartoon about life in school.
Brain Trust
You want my brains, eh! Well, good luck with that.
Regrets? A Few
As we all know, many resolutions stem from regrets. I suggest we each voice a regret so that we might resolve to do better in the future. Huntley… will you start us off?
Cartoon about life in school.
Cartoon about life in school.
Naughty List
Cartoon about life in school.
Foley Realized
The director made the Foley man do the scene 98 times.
Detention # 2
Cartoon about life in school.
Home At Last
The woman felt homesick. She lived in her ancestral home, but she had no family and old friends had died off.
Partial Credit
Cartoon about life in school.
Quietly Please
Cartoon about life in school.
The woman woke up in an alternate universe.
Cartoon about Taylor Swift.
the K Chronicles: All in a Knight's Work
A baby's work is never done.
Lactose Free
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Back to Germany!
Keef returns to Das Mutterland!
Thomas Edison
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: the New Star Wars film
... solves Homeless Crisis.
Story Minute: "Triangulation"
The beauty had been given a love potion. Thok!
Night Terrors - Technology
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Income Inequality
Expanding like America's asses.
Halloween Costume Contest # 2
Cartoon about life in school.
The Evolution of Queens
In elementary school, there was a young queen in every class.
the K Chronicles: I Can Read
Keef visits a Comic Con in Seattle.
Everyday Misogyny
Cereal mascots, toys, salaries, forms, restrooms, dumb lyrics, dumb bunnies, most other things…
Warning Label
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Football Prayer
Whoops, sez the NFL!
the K Chronicles: Primate Change
You say you want some evolution?
Ruggedly handsome, tall, and alcoholic…
Wait For It
I wish I had a time machine.
Turn Up!
Cartoon about life in school.
the K Chronicles: Salt!!
Keef's dad's favorite food!
Musicians, artists, authors, publishers, and postal workers - lend me your ears. The Internet is threatening or has already killed our jobs.
(th)ink: NFL and Concussions
They finally get serious.
At a U.F.O. conference I recently attended, various circuit speakers presented competing mythologies. The aliens have a prime directive to not interfere with us.
Parent Involvement Tip #1
Cartoon about life in school.
Cartoon about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey divorce rumors
Cartoon about life in school.
Cartoon about life in school.
Hi Desert
Here we are in the Beverly Hills of the high desert. Why do you call it that?
Troll Patrol
Another celebrity has quit Twittering because of the evil trolls.
Barn Wedding
Mother, Percival and me are eschewing a huge cathedral wedding for rural simplicity. Barns are for animals and hay, constance, they are so…. so plebeian.
(th)ink: #ifIgunnedthemdown
Which cushy situation will I end up in?
Kanye and Kim at Home
Cartoon about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.
Message to Parents
Cartoon about life in school.
Prints of Darkness
The prison photographer was a genius.
School Year Priorities
Cartoon about life in school.
Truck Nut
If commie lefty doctors tell me to limit my calories, I eat more… Chomp Chomp.
Take A Stand
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: New Airplane Seat
...and economy has to pedal the entire flight!!
The End of Envy
She understood Envy too well.
The Beach
Cartoon about life in school.
(th)ink: Inventions
...that go unrecognized.
Summer School (2)
Cartoon about life in school.
Drug Bust
Hey! I took this jungle drug that gave me compassion for you and me, and everyone!
Summer School
Cartoon about life in school.
The Plot Thickens
The speculator noticed activity in an odd market.
Story Minute: "Extreme Love"
The woman fell in love with the little man.
Staff Yearbook
Cartoon about life in school.