Funny Poems

Laughter is the best medicine, says an age-old adage. And it's not far from true. In fact, nothing works better, when you are in the doldrums. We try to brighten up your mood with these humorous poems that are sure to have you smiling.
Mind and Mouth
Confessions from a person's mouth are sometimes far from what goes on in the mind of that person.
Fear Factor
I am a new author, and here's a poem about how some students feel about exams... Hope you all like it.
Please Miss, I Need To Pee!
It all began with the teacher who wouldn't let her go... Typical.
Sweet Stealer, You'll Pay!
You'll pay for this!
iPad and School!
My teacher and my iPad. This is a funny poem, based on a real incident.
Foople Dee Doo
Just a random poem I came up with.
Stressbursting Night Before Exam
How I wish I could really do this...
My Toy Monkey #2
Here is number 2. Weird but of course it is, I wrote it! Hope it at least makes you giggle inside. Comment please.
My Toy Monkey #1
My best friend sarah gave me a little toy monkey that she got from a vending machine and I love it so much I decided to write about it. Look for my to monkey #2. comment. It is a bit kiddy and stupid but I like it!
Dragon's Dream
A fun little poem I did a while ago...
Existencia Pathetique
Funny how life can be so pathetic and meaningless. As easy as it appears, oftentimes what we really want in our lives is not made clear to us until we have not fallen flat on our faces countless times.
The Devils List
Kinda humorous one about the devils list...
Funny How Feelings Change
This is so true...
When The Witch Comes
Witches and fun...
My Dog Was Dying!!!
Stupid funny...
A dirty humor on nose. You will say "y...u...ks...." but continue to laugh at the dirt…
Idiot Box-N-Couch Potato
Humor on TV and its viewers...
Make me Laugh
It is funny!