Getting Your Ears Pierced

Getting your ears pierced is an invitation to a considerable pain for some and 'hardly a whisker' for some. It depends from an individual to individual. But you really need to be very careful about your piercing after it is done even if it does not pain. Check out the article below to know about how you can get your ears pierced without getting those heebie jeebies!
Okay, you want to get your ears pierced and you are in for a nervous breakdown. It is more so because it is your first time. You have no clue what is it going to be like, how much will the ear piercing hurt and goodness gracious what if the person messes it up? No way! What do you do in such a scenario? You know at the bottom of your heart, that even though you are going to be really getting the jitters while doing that, you really want it. Then what is the solution? Well, first of all you need to be relaxed and totally determined, which will make things easier for you. Some more tips coming your way to deal with your first ever piercing!

Getting Your Ears Pierced For the First time

# 1
For starters, do you want the prick or the trick?! Or the trick for the prick!? Okay. Just shoo away the jitters! Chill. Take your time and do not scurry off into an ear piercing. Decide what sort of ear piercing you wish to have and what is going to be the aftermath. There would be no turning back once you have pierced your ear and have got the jewelry.

# 2
If you are all about to faint (pardon the exaggeration!), it is always good to have someone come to shop along with you, preferably your friend. It is an advantage to have friends around as they can chat up with you, distracting you from the process and the pain afterward. They are helpful in calming you down.

# 3
When you are checking out the jewelry, spend a good time doing research. What happens usually is that you buy jewelry just before going to get your ear pierced. This might hamper your choice and can spoil the fun. Choosing something which you really like will ease your pressure and you would focus more on that rather than the piercing.

# 4
If possible, do not go for piercing guns, go for needles. A hollow piercing needle actually removes a piece of your skin rather than going through the ear, in case of a gun which can damage the ear tissues. Needle also does the job faster, apparently and you have a choice of a larger section of jewelry, unlike gun piercing.

# 5
Before the actual piercing, rub and pinch your lobes holding them between your thumb and forefingers. This will help you numb your ears and relax. The more tense you get, the more it is going to pain. Deep breathing will help to ease the tension while you get your ears pierced.

# 6
Kudos! You have accomplished a great feat! Now comes the very important issue - taking care of your pierced ear. Doubts like 'can you swim after getting your ears pierced', 'is getting your ears pierced painful' and so on are bound to flood your mind. Let me tell you that if an expert does it, it is absolutely not harmful to get an ear piercing. As far as the pain is concerned, well, it depends from individual to individual. Some people can endure any amount of pain, some cannot. Nevertheless, please keep the following things in mind after you are on cloud nine having had a piercing done.

Points to Remember while Getting your Ears Pierced
  • It is advisable not to turn or twist your earrings in the initial period post piercing.
  • Pain killers might help if you are feeling a lot of pain and cannot bear it.
  • Avoid touching the piercing as far as possible. If at all you have to touch your pierced ear, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Clean your ears twice a day thoroughly and apply and antiseptic recommended by the person who did the piercing.
  • When you wash your hair, if you are using any product around your hair or ears, remember to clean your ears.
  • Have some warm sea salt soaks for your ears.
Apart from this, if you are wondering how much does it cost to get your ears pierced, it is around $25 at the most, though it can vary depending on how good the place is.

This is where I say goodbye and leave you with the decision whether to get your ears pierced or not! If you decide yes, you want it, well go ahead, but take good care of yourself!
By Medha Godbole
Published: 2/11/2010
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