Ghosts of Casa Loma ... Chapter 2

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Image: One tunnel located in Casa Loma. Creepy, huh?

We walked into the grand foyer. It looked the same as it always did but yet I still got excited. We signed in at the front desk. They informed us that our tour would be starting in around ten minutes so we went to wait in the living room-ish place. It was too big to be a living room. More like a house all on its own.

"Aria, don't look now but that dude from outside is totally checking you out!" Nicki whispered.

I subtly turned around and sure enough, he was there, staring. I didn't want him. Urgh. Sure he was cute but he wasn't for me. See, how picky I was? I was never satisfied.

He caught me looking at him and winked. I smiled and turned back to my friends. I guess he took that as a sign to come over, which is what he did.

"Hey," I heard him behind him. He waved at Brit while walking over.

I heard Brit give a little squeal then pretended to be talking to the rest of the girls, leaving me to fend off the jock by myself. I rolled my eyes before turning around.

"Hi," I say. I couldn't help but notice Joey's eyes follow after Brit for just a moment.

"So you here for the tour?" he asked.

Why else would I be here? To stalk you?

I simply nod.

"Which one?" he asked.

"Oh the one that's in like ten minutes or so?" I replied.

"Cool, same here!" he grinned.

That's just great...

"Oh, I'm Joey, by the way," he said, extending out his hand. Hey, at least he had manners.

"Aria," I say, taking his hand. I noticed that he held my hand for a bit longer than needed but I kept my expression blank.

"That's a really pretty name," he said.

Why? You couldn't find something more intelligent to say? I really wanted to go into the 'meaning' behind my name but that would probably scare him away...although that wasn't such a bad idea.

Instead, I just smiled again.

"All right, everybody that's here for the 1pm tour, we're meeting right here," yelled our tour guide.

We all walked over.

"Walk with me Aria," Joey says to me, walking beside me, brushing me

There we go. So the controlling jockiness comes out. Jockiness is that a word?

I look over at my friends and give them a pleading look. Help me! it said.

They just grinned and waved.

"Aren't you here with anybody?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah, but they didn't want to take the tour, they just wanted to look around on their own," he said. He seemed pretty surprised that I had asked him. Guess he wasn't used to girls not showing interest in him. That would be me, by the way, the one that wasn't showing any interest in him at all. 'Cause quite frankly I didn't want him. AT ALL.

Don't ask me why.

We started the tour shortly after. I was pretty thankful for that, although Joey couldn't shut up. Even when our tour guide whose name was Katy brought up the stories about the ghost tales, I couldn't listen properly because Joey kept making jokes and snorting.

"Who really believes this stuff?" he whispered into my ear.

I glared at him. "I do." This was the stuff I paid good money to hear.


That shut him up for about 2 minutes but then he just started up again. I could tell my friends were enjoying the tour, they had totally forgotten about me. Thanks guys...

We reached the basement, which had a series of tunnels in them. Katy led us through one tunnel. Apparently they heard a girl crying down here. When they went to go check out the noise, thinking someone had gotten lost, they found nothing. The ghost of a little girl. Poor thing. Not like I heard this when Katy was telling us because of Joey, but I pretty much had the entire tour memorized by heart.

I was fed up with Joey, I pretty much had the last straw. If anyone else thought he was cute, this was their chance to get him. NOW. I wanted to just tell him to shut up, but I wasn't a rude person. If this had been Nicki or Brit, they would've already. Not that they would turn down a hot guy.

Now how do you blow someone off...? Pretend to be nauseous? Have a heart attack? Faint?

Then I heard it. "Aria..." it blew past me. As if the wind that had been blowing past had also swept in my name as well. What wind? We were in the basement. No breeze down here. But I had heard it. I was probably imagining it. Oh, maybe it was the little girl! But either way...

My hand shot up in the air. Katy looked over at me.

"I need to use the washroom," I said, not glancing at either Joey or my friends.

"If we could all turn back, we could go show-" Katy began but I cut her off, "It's no worries, I already know where it is, I know this place like the back of my own hand," I say holding my palm facing towards the crowd as proof. If someone probably decided to quiz me on the features of my hand, I would've most likely failed miserably but it was just a figure of speech. I prayed for a second that none of my doofball friends wouldn't catch up on that and try to actually test me.

"Alright then," Katy says and resumes her tour. I let out a sigh of relief.

I begin to walk away but Joey grabs my arm. "Let me come with you, I want to talk," he says.

I had an urge to roll my eyes.

"No, please it's all right, go and enjoy the tour, I'll come and find you afterwards..." I say, seductively, while taking my hand and rubbing it against his arm. I didn't even know I could pull of seductive.

He fell for it. A huge grin emerged on his face and chuckled as he said, "Sure, see you soon."

He turns and runs back to meet up with the group.

Good riddance.

Sure, my paid tour had been ruined, but I guess I could go and check the place out by myself. What a waste.

I decided to go follow the other tunnels and see where they led. I was a pretty stupid child. No one in their right mind would just run off by themselves into these tunnels. They pretty much led on for a while and you could easily get lost.

Left. Right. Left. Left. Right. Left. This was the route I followed to go through the tunnels. It was pretty neat.

I heard my stomach grumble. Maybe we should've listened to Luci and should've grabbed something to eat before we came. I turn around and start heading back.

Hmm... now which way had I come? I go through my directions in my head. I wasn't panicking... just yet. Panicking never helped. But the tunnels were so isolated, they never brought their tour groups around here. I was definitely lost and stupid.

I start humming in order to calm my nerves.

Just then I heard a bang. I jumped. It sounded like a gunshot. That was impossible. A gun going off in the castle? Please, but I wasn't taking any chances. I started running. Going through each tunnel. The route started becoming familiar. But then I heard a whisper. It made me stop in my tracks.

Help me...

What the hell? I turned around to see if there was anyone or anything there. Nothing. It was only me. Calm down, Aria, your imagination is just getting the best of you. I let a breath out. I have got to stop watching so many horror movies. It was a weakness of mine.

I start walking again.

Please... Come back... I need help...

Okay that was not my imagination. I heard that. Where was it coming from?

"Hello?" I called out.


"Is anybody there?" I stuttered.

Dead silent.

This was oddly becoming the scene of any horror movie. The victim starts calling out, and then pure silence, then when she calls out again, she hears something. She follows the noise until finally her serial killer jumps out and brutally murders her. Her friends find her the next day, head in one place and body in another.

Oh my god, Aria, just stop it!

I start walking again.

This way...

I take out my cell phone and begin to dial a number, whose number? I didn't have the slightest clue. I start typing in Fiona's number... she always knew what to do. The line wasn't going through. I looked down at my phone. No service. How convenient. Darn it!

No, please...

I turned back around and followed in the direction I heard the voice come from. Maybe someone really did need my help. Why didn't I see them though? It felt like they were close by.

I kept walking. It was like my legs had a mind of their own.
Published: 2/25/2011
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