G.I.R.L.S - Girls In Real Life Situations - Chapter 2

I walk away from Heidi. I know what she will say to me right now. This has happened many times now. She is going to screw me. He has always tried to talk to me, but I have always ignored it. But, not on purpose of course. I’m too nervous, that’s it. [The picture is of Heidi.]
Geneva looks at me and frowns uneasily, "Isla," she says in a cold voice, "You are with Liam." I am in shock. "And, Aliza, you’re with me," she says coolly.

I am in utter disbelief. But, I am thankful Geneva does not get to partner with Liam. At least, I don’t like Liam. He’s too self-centered for me, I guess. I often wonder why Aliza likes him. He doesn’t even look good to balance his big head. Well, he looks handsome, if that counts. But, not appealing enough to like. I shrug, when Aliza looks at me and she smiles.

Ms. Reese explains that we are indeed going to stage the novel, video it and post it on YouTube. We are all excited and Tripp and Flynn fool around. Tripp and Flynn, along with Liam, are two of the class clowns. You know how every class has those fools that do nothing but fool around. Well, it’s my pleasure to introduce, Tripp Harris, and Flynn Baker. Both of them have been close friend ever since and they are pretty good looking. Abby’s actually commented on Tripp’s looks, calling him, "Good looking." But, honestly, I can’t look at Tripp in that way.

He seems to be very detached from me, though. He spends some time with Aliza and Abby, since they study French together, but other than that, and constant teasing, I have no clue about him.

It’s quite funny, because they say that a sign that a boy likes a girl is constant teasing. If you speak in those terms, all the boys in my class have to like me. It’s not that I think that, though. None of them do. None of them like me more than a friend. I don’t expect them to as well. If they did, it would be flattering, but I would refuse liking the attention.

I wonder how a few girls in my class might feel. There are a few girls like Marcy, Natasha, Olivia and Vanessa, who are constantly tormented by boys. I understand that all the devotion is complimentary, but really? Who needs that many of admirers? It’s funny, again, because Marcy and Olivia are two of my second closest friends after Aliza, Nina, Heidi and Abby, but these are my ideas. They are totally aware of my thoughts and surprisingly they think of it the same.

The door closes, and I realize Ms. Reese has left the class. I ask Tiffany the time and she says that we have twenty minutes more. She also tells me that Ms. Reese had asked us to start off writing the scripts of each chapter.

Liam, obviously, told us that each of us was writing the scripts of each chapter. Liam and I are assigned to do Chapter 2, but he had assigned it clearly. I frown and he comes to an empty seat next to me. He sits on it and places a paper in front of my desk. "Okay, so let’s get started," he says, without smiling.

I smile uneasily and nod. He then begins to talk about several things about the second chapter. We discuss the happenings of the chapter and I glance at Aliza. Her head is buried in her hands as she is seated next to Geneva. I see Geneva doing all the work, and Aliza trying hard to keep up with her. I am uncomfortable and I move from side to side.

"Are you okay?"

I hear a voice, and it is Liam. His hand is on my shoulder and I snap out of my thoughts. I shake it off and nod. "I’m okay, thanks."

"You don’t look okay," he tells me, aligning the papers together and keeping them aside. He sits properly and clasps his hands. "We won’t continue until you tell me what’s bothering you."

"I’m fine, I told you so."

"Then, let’s continue," he retorts, and pulls back the papers. I sigh and glance around. The boys are not working, they are pulling each other and running around the class - the boys in my class are very immature - but Ian is talking to Gwyneth and Tiffany. I sigh again, and catch Liam staring at me with a glare. "You know, you could actually help me with the script," he suggests, his voice sounding callous and icy.

I am offended. My brows furrow and I cross my arms. "That’s not very nice of you to say something like that; I am trying to work with you, here."

H snickers and continues to write. "Yeah, right." He sees that I am insulted and her turns to me. "I was kidding. I didn’t mean it."

I smirk and exhale quickly. "How can you not mean it? You sounded pretty serious when you said that."

He is now looking fed up, but I don’t care at all. I want to defend myself, unlike other people who just submit to what guys say. I have respect for myself and I keep it. "You don’t know much about me, do you?"

"I wouldn’t want to, trust me."

"I don’t mean whatever I say. It’s me. Compliments, insults, comments. I don’t mean anything of them."

"Then, you’re fake, nothing but plastic." My arms are still folded and I am still hurt. His words mean nothing to me. When I was about to change my opinion, a bomb dropped and I am not changing my mind again.

"Ha, ha. You really don’t get me, do you?" He asks me with a laugh.

I turn my head to the left and ignore him for the rest of the period. The bell rings and his words still reverberate in my head: "I don’t mean whatever I say." I replay the conversation in my head and I can’t believe what he just said. That means that whatever he may have said to Geneva must have been insincere and plain lies. Like that one time, he called her earrings "pretty".

Then again, does that mean that whatever he had said to Aliza was fake as well? Being a fifteen-year-old is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. This is like hell on earth. Mostly boy trouble though. Luckily, I am free of all of those. No boyfriends (thankfully) and no crushes. All boys except friends and family are out of my life.

"Can we go down to see Heidi and Nina?"

Aliza is staring at me. She notices my baffled expression and asks me what’s wrong. I shake my head and grab her out of the class and down the stairs. Their class was on the same floor we were in, but the principal had recently changed their class putting them on the ground floor. I go to their class with Aliza near me and Nina is excited to see me.

Nina is always excited. And I am not exaggerating. Aliza and I actually talked to her about her extreme thrill every time she meets us, but I was very gentle with Nina. Because, she is very sensitive and I don’t want to hurt her. Aliza wasn’t, though. She had actually said to me before talking to her, "I thought I was an embarrassment, but for the way Nina has been acting, I really have to reconsider that."

This hurt me. So, I spoke to Nina about it and Aliza joined me and we talked. Nina understood that and told us that she would "tune it down" next time. She also told me that she thought she was acting like that because of her recent closeness with Anne Madison. The Anne Madison. I honestly don’t like Anne. She is nice, now, we are nice. We talk and say our his. But, nothing more. Nothing less. I couldn’t talk to Aliza about that, unfortunately, because Aliza was Anne’s friend.

This always happens. When you are friendly with somebody but you’re best friend hates her. It has happened to both me and Aliza. And I still dislike it to the core. It makes the relationship between you and your friend very bad and quite rocky. I am proud of Aliza and I, though. We, I can honestly say, have had the most fights out of the five. We fight all the time, but the fact that we are still as close as sisters makes me very blissful and satisfied. Fighting makes the relationship stronger, I had read somewhere. So I am assured. The more we fight the more tests we have to take and prove to ourselves that our bond is better than ever. I have to admit, we are fighting less now.

Heidi gives me a huge hug and I hug her back. She smells nice and I like how she is shorter than I am. She fits into me perfectly as I hug her. I hate it when I have to hug people taller or bigger than me. I give her earrings a dangle and comment on how I love them. I hug Nina next and we head off to the cafeteria to eat our lunch.

We sit at our usual place so we could get a good view outside the window of guys playing football. The seniors playing football with the tiniest ball that could ever be played football with. I spot a tiny triangular head amidst the sweaty guys playing football.

A familiar triangular head with weird hair, large fish-like eyes, crazy sideburns, and a skinny physique. Zack Asher. Oh my God. I exclaim that. And Aliza tells me to shut up because she hates it when I overuse that phrase. I have to admit I do, but oh my God. I stand up and glue my face to the window. It is Zack. I have to see him from a corner, definitely. But, I have to see him. He is kicking the ball and laughing like a maniac. He’s having fun and I want to run to him and stare at him like an idiot drooling over him.

"Heidi, we have to go now." I pull her out of the cafeteria. I ignore her screaming, her left hand flapping against mine and I pull her out. There’s a corridor out of the cafeteria. This is recess, so it is overcrowded. Couples fondling, friends fighting, boys bashing each other up. I try to rush past them, but I can’t. I scream for them to move and I try to escape the crowd slowly.

I knock on somebody and I look up. It’s Zack. I smile and I’m still smiling. I can’t help it. I am nervous, but I don’t know how to act around him. I’m meeting him after several months and I have forgotten. I bring my hands up to my chest and play with my hair.

He’s staring at me too. My cheeks are hot and supposedly red. I stop smiling and stare at him. The fact that he is staring at me is creeping me out, but I am excited and stimulated as well. Caterpillars emerge out of their cocoons and butterflies flutter in my stomach. I am out of words. He looks down at me because he is way taller and says, "Hi."

I quickly say, "Hi," and run forward.

I walk away from Heidi. I know what she will say to me right now. This has happened many times now. She is going to screw me. He has always tried to talk to me, but I have always ignored it. But, not on purpose of course. I’m too nervous, that’s it.

I look back at Heidi and she is glaring at me. Her eyes pierce through my soul and I can feel her pain. I wince at the thought of what is coming next.


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Published: 9/21/2012
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