Giving in to this World of Mine

Opening up to what is going on around me... and fully being honest to what I need to be for those around me and for myself.
Every day it's as if I'm a drone
Getting up on the go,
Making sure I'm doing what people want of me.
Never once doing anything for myself,
Never once questioning what they tell me to do.

But when I stand all alone,
No one can tell me if this is real or not,
Can not tell me if they will be there or not.
I run and jump through the hoops they tell me to,
But at the end they have all turned their back on me.

So hear I stand
Lost in nothing but a world of dreams,
Storms brewing around me
Bringing rain, thunder and attitudes,
Some that no one has ever seen of me,
Waiting for that rain to soak me to the bone
Soaking me and taking that light from my eyes
Making me show what this world is prone to do to people.

How it will cause it to grow colder
How each step only makes you shoulder
More than one can ever think,
Only how a world of pain and despair
Leads to how the world dumps its self on you.

The only way to go about it
The only way is to storm back,
Scream and tear yourself apart
Be abrupt and have an attitude that only can be seen as you.

So here I stand
Deep in thought on how to become more of who I want to be
How far I want to lose myself
How far do I want to take this
How far do I wish to suffer
And make those who appose me suffer

That's what life is
Is it not?
It's all about love, fear, hate and who wins in the end.
Even Gods, angels and demons play this game,
Even the churches play the game of life,
But within this so-twisted game we call life
When did we lose the meaning we were given?

When did our life not become our own,
When did we choose to let others control us,
When did God become not of our choosing,
When did the control never be with us,
When did life finally give up,
When did nature finally say screw you too,
When did we push nature and life so far
That it has begun to push back to wipe us out.

When did we think we could control everything,
When did we think we could create life anew,
When did we decide that everything with technology was false,
What if things do go the way we predict,
What if we do die off as a race due to our own stupidity,
When did our world become something not worth respecting,
To something we can greedily mold to our ways
When did we view greed more than for our own lives.

This is why I give in to my world of mind
Rather than the one I see all around me!!
Published: 8/2/2012
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