Glimpse of Friendship

Missing my friends...
It's long I haven't seen or heard of you my friend,
Is this your love or revenge?
Those days were so good when we met daily,
Can we catch up sometime shortly?

I feel like I'm missing something,
Happiness, together we had seen,
Want to share many experiences with you,
My new life and some shortcomings too.

Many friends, after you disappeared, I made,
But best of friends like you I rarely could make,
When you were here you were my strength,
Now I feel weak as I have none to speak.

Stay in touch always is what I can say,
The rest of my life as I grow gray,
I am waiting for you day in and out,
Let me know when can we hang out.
By Benhur Soans
Published: 11/10/2012
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