Global Warming Solutions

Global warming is a serious problem and if you think somebody else will solve this for you, you have got the wrong picture! Here are some solutions we must use in our daily lives to save our planet Earth.
With news reports that continuously inform readers about the harmful effects of global warming, I am sure most reactions would be, 'something needs to be done about it'. But in reality there are only a handful of people who actually go out of their way and incorporate ways to prevent global warming in their daily lives. Apart from this, they educate people to use various ways to save our planet as well. Scientists believe that various human actions are leading to global warming, which is why we see strange changes in the weather and the extinction of most species as well. Well, many of us are not aware how we can contribute in different ways to prevent this issue. Have you really wondered how you can do your bit to save our planet? If you haven't, it is high time you do so and if you are looking for some guidelines, spare a few minutes from your busy schedule and read on to know more about ways to stop global warming.

Ways to Prevent Global Warming

You can make a difference in various ways to prevent global warming by implementing some of these steps in your everyday life.
  • I agree many of us cannot really give up luxuries such as your personal car and not everybody would resort to the use of public transport. But the least you can do is look for a car that is highly fuel-efficient. Every single gallon of gasoline that is burnt, will result in at least 20 pounds of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere. If you are the only person in the car, you can use the concept of car pool; join hands with your colleagues and come together to work. Whenever possible, use a cycle or walk to any nearby destinations.
  • When it comes to the purchase of appliances, always go in for a highly efficient model. Look for the symbol of the Energy Star; this is awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency. Although, such appliances may take a toll on your wallet, it hardly matters if you consider how useful it can be to the environment.
  • Avoid leaving appliances on a stand by mode; for e.g., use the power on and off buttons for your television set rather than leaving it on for the entire day.
  • If you do not require that extra freezer, unplug it right away. This would help to prevent carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Keeping the fridge next to the boiler would make it consume more energy. Give a thought to where you would need to place the refrigerator.
  • Use the washing machine and the dishwasher only when they are fully loaded. Also use the low temperature settings to conserve energy. Did you know that reducing the use of the dryer would save energy and also reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide? Try to air-dry your clothes whenever possible.
  • Use an energy saving light bulb to reduce the global warming. This would save energy to a great extent and even reduce your electricity bills as well.
  • Try to buy organic food. Look for locally grown food and avoid buying frozen foods. (Frozen food uses ten times more energy.)
  • Plant a tree; it could be in your backyard or you can gather with a group of like-minded people and plant one in your neighborhood. We all know how trees are essential to reduce the effects of global warming. Look after your locality and encourage friends and family as well.
Spread the word. Share and create an awareness to save our planet Earth. Remember, it is our responsibility and every little effort counts. Each one of us can help to make a difference!
By Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: 10/7/2011
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