Go Places with Wordplay!

Love wordplay and thrive on puns? The English language can be a brilliant source of joy if you know how to bend and play with it. That's the beauty this lingua franca, and in this article, we try to make the most of it. So people, here's our list of names of places that should be visited by certain groups of people and animals. Some are obvious. For others, you'll need to wrack those gray cells and give the funny bones a shake to decipher. Enjoy!
Please note that this compilation is a simple way to indulge in some harmless wordplay. We do not wish to offend or disrespect the culture, heritage, people, or sentiments of any country. Joy can be derived from the simplest of things and that is exactly what we are trying to do here. So, get those funny pants on and join the joyride with us!

Travel Destinations for...

Cows → Moscow

Soldiers → Warsaw

Runners → Tehran

Jackals → Jakarta

Dons → London

People who insist on rushing → Russia

People in a hurry → Haryana

Only men → Manila

Traveling dads → Baghdad

Barbers → Barbados

Lions → Denmark

Lions who wish to migrate from Denmark → Sweden

Angel investors → Los Angeles

Lovers of hot and spicy food → Chile

Brunets → Brunei

Sailors → Portugal

Head-bangers → Bangladesh

People in search of Harmony → Germany

People on a diet! → Hungary

Polar bears who have the right to vote → Poland

Elephant lovers → Ivory Coast

Salvation seekers → El Salvador

Altar goers → Gibraltar

Descendants of King Kong! → Hong Kong

Malt makers → Malta

Patrons of madness owning gas cars :-p → Madagascar

"Living to eat"ers → Cook Islands

Casual dressers → Bermuda

Photographers → Cameroon

People on antiallergics → Algeria

All who understood chemistry equations in school! → Ecuador

Crows → Croatia

List-makers → Czech Republic (check!)

Loan seekers → Banket

Choir singers and aspiring rockstars → Singapore

Those who want a zany tan! → Tanzania

Those who finally have woken up to the concept of toned thighs! → Thailand

Those suffering from toothache → Spain (of course you know "pain"!!!)

Coal-miners → Kolkata

Rats who have been sued! → Surat

Superheroes → Cape Town (and that does not include you, Iron Man!)

Casanovas → Casablanca

The liberals → Liberia

Bosses with their (ahem!) female secretaries → Bosnia and Herzegovina

Proud procrastinators who also happen to love queues → Kuwait (waiting is after all not a problem for you...)

People who never tire of saying "Slow Down!" → Slovenia

Grenade experts → Grenada

Botanists → Cape Verde

Webmasters → Botswana

SEOs → Seoul

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame → Belarus

Lovers of John Travolta → Greece ('Greas'ily sleek, eh? ;-D)

Here's hoping that our travel destinations could bring a smile on your face and urged you to dig out more of these places with names perfectly custom-made for certain visitors. Try it. Not only is it fun, it will wriggle that sense of humor of yours as well. You can leave us your list in the "Bouquets and Brickbats" section. And yes, one last one before I go,

Trinidad and Tobago → Dads who smoke secretly!

Good luck figuring that out!!!
By Ankana Dey Choudhury
Published: 11/2/2012
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