Go Thee Well

A dedication to the person who hurt my heart most. Please spare a moment and comment.
If I had power over nature,
I would reverse the years to the days of our love,
Maybe I could have worked harder to make things better,
And you'd have no reason to leave.

I stood at the door watching you go,
Legs rooted to the ground, so that I didn't know what to do,
Still like a zombie I stood,
Not believing you were leaving for good.

Tears of bitterness welled my eyes,
Tears that threatened to break those ties,
My heart was all lonely and hollow,
For the path you were taking I couldn't follow.

Flashbacks were all I remain with,
But that black Monday night I'll forever loathe,
Though tears have long dried,
You shall forever remain in my mind.

Go thee well my lovely prince,
You who first planted on my lips a kiss,
I wish you well in your life yonder,
But this our baby shall forever be our love's reminder.
Published: 3/27/2015
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