A little light-hearted poem dedicated to big business around the world. Have you ever noticed that management warble on in comprehensively while all the while smiling as if they actually understand what they are saying? This usually comes a few months before they announce the redundancies.
I have been inundated with requests,
To write down phrases that make no sense,
Profoundly influential words,
Commercial ramblings of the absurd,
A vocabulary so hard to understand,
It penetrates not the wisdom of man.

Insubordinate words disobedient to the rules,
Imposed by the authority of fools,
To gain access to propaganda,
That disguise the reality of their agenda,
A correlation of correspondence,
Between great minds so irresponsive,

Stimulative of a narcotic induced response,
Deliberately lacking in common sense,
Optimized high performance ramblings,
Innovated flexible warblings,
In terms of added value,
A scalability easy to use.

I therefore use an English leverage,
To produce these poetic metrics,
In a new improved partnership,
With a dictionary transcript,
In a uniquely simplified directive,
To be 120% cost-effective,
To a steadfastly supportive positivity,
To the next generations immediate prosperity.

To our children then, a salute,
May they never decipher our truth!

Published: 7/20/2010
Bouquets and Brickbats