God Has a Kitty and a Fireplace

I was half asleep in front of a fireplace when I wrote this. Hope it makes you feel warm and cozy!
The heat washes over my body,
Warm, a blanket to heat my soul,
To protect my mind, no matter how much the warmth
Effects my sanity,
Sending me to places
Reached only in dreamland.
While I'm asleep.
It pulls me under,
Under the watery heat waves
Stroking my arms
And face
As though I were a fluffy cat.
Just like the one
Curled up next to me,

Like my eyes.
Dragging me so I
Can barely
My pen is drowsy as I write.
My kitty stretches.
She yawns.
I yawn, too.
Her tummy feels soft,
Like a cloud should feel.
I yawn again.
The flames dance
To the
Christmas music,
warming my mood
As well as my body.

My kitty sighs.
I do believe that she
Has reached dreamland.
She's eating fake trees.
The colored lights above me
Remind me
Of stained glass stars.
Does God have
Colored glass?
Or fireplaces?
Or kitties
With fuzzy white paws,
Black faces,
And white whiskers?

You know,
I feel so content,
I think that, maybe
He does.
The heat pulls down
My eyelids.
My kitty sighs,
So I sigh.
I'm thinking,
Yes, radio,
It is the most
Time of year.
My eyes close
And I say,
"Hello, dreamland.
Please be nice
To kitty"
And I
Be nice
To kitty.
Published: 12/16/2009
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