God Help Me

My dad is abusive... simple as that. And this poem is supposed to be a child telling the story of how she is abused. I don't know how to get out of it... I still don't.
I hide the bruises so easily,
Mommy only knows my fears,
She sees my tears,
She tries to stop his blows,
But easily never lets it show,
Not wanting the neighbors to know,
God help me.

Daddy doesn't love us anymore,
I take the blows,
So my siblings are left alone,
Now I cut because he calls me names,
Mom doesn't seem to care now,
God help me.

This needs to stop,
But my pleas are silenced,
Teachers wonder, but they never ask,
I hide everything under 1000-mask,
I hide the bruises so easily,
Mom tells the monster to stop hitting me,
God please help me.
Have you ever felt this way?
Maybe... (/.\)
Oh yeah.
I'd rather not say...
Published: 11/13/2013
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